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  1. So it’s not on my offer letter, more just in their benefits package but looks like after 3 months I get 15 days annually. But there’s another thing that has hours accrual at anywhere from 120-240 annually depending on which one I am. So I just have to find out. As far as the RVU thing... that’s how they had it written on the offer letter so that’s how I typed it up. I think it’s 3500 annually RVU or 875 quarterly?
  2. It’s a job for a hospital system that is starting up some new urgent cares. So I have a feeling i won’t meet the RVU requirements (which I have no concept of) since it likely won’t be busy for a while. I’m wondering if I should try to negotiate the pay up some. And the offer letter didn’t even include vacation time, so I’m glad you mentioned that because I hadn’t thought of it.
  3. I got laid off by TH effective 8/1 in that they took away all my hours but "let" me stay PRN. Then my CME money that was promised that I could have all of ($1000) was taken away AFTER I spent the money and tried claiming it and was then told that since I got laid off that it's prorated now. Apparently had I tried getting reimbursed a month prior I would have been able to use every cent.
  4. Any insight on this offer for urgent care? In a large city in Kentucky. I'm not very good at negotiating and not really sure where to go with it. Thanks! 80 hours of scheduled patient care per pay period. Base salary of $105,000 Up to $2000 CME a year RVUs: 105,000 divided by 30 = 3500 wRVUs. 3500 divided by 4 = 875 wRVU quarterly target. Max $7500 per quarter or $30,000 annually
  5. What are some of your favorite books for those specialities? Any favorite books for procedures? Anything good for learning more about ultrasound? thanks!
  6. Awesome, thanks so much! Figuring out the best things and necessities to chart is definitely more difficult than I anticipated.
  7. I am interested in what you find is necessary to chart when working in the ED. Ie- not worst headache of life relating to HA. For sore throat- no drooling, no tirismus, uvula midline, etc. What are key things you chart, be it in physical exam, medical decision making, or in their dispo?
  8. This is my first year ever having CME money to use. I have about $400 to use, but I'm willing to spend a little more from personal money for something good. What is something good related to EM? I cannot do anything that gives a gift card back. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I've been sitting here wondering which Figs pants to get. Such a big decision ($$$).
  10. But the thigh rub... oh, it burns!!
  11. I'm about to start a new job in the ED. What are some good brands of scrubs (female) with some pockets where I can maybe have a small notebook and maybe keep my stethoscope. I'd prefer to not try on every brand; hence, why I'm asking. I just know brands I've used in the past result in constantly having to pull them up to avoid the plumber's crack. Thanks!
  12. ha! At this point I'd be ok with hearing from them out of the blue in 4 months! And thank you! I was thinking I shouldn't follow up again at this point. Office manager once and recruiter twice seemed like enough. It sucks that the holidays complicate everything since I interviewed/shadowed just before Thanksgiving. Thanks again! :)
  13. I did some searching first, but I was unable to find this question previously asked. How often do you suggest following up for a job position? I don't want to drive them nuts with the holidays here, but I don't want to fall through the cracks either. I've been working with a recruiter who works for the hospital but I also interviewed with the office manager of the particular group. I contacted the office manager 2 weeks ago and have not heard back yet. I reached out to the recruiter yesterday with last contact being about 2 weeks ago also. Thanks!
  14. You probably won't be able to find the current edition anywhere for free. They just switched it up. And I say this because I tried finding it...
  15. I've got the older MKSAP books but they're outdated so I don't really use them much. I did look at some of the questions and they were decent clinical scenario type questions. If you could get the books cheap then I'd say go for it. But I really mostly like the MKSAP audio because I have a decent drive so it fills that time.
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