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  1. Hi! I'm also a current P1 at DeSales, and I have to say this is definitely the complete opposite of how things are here! Everyone in my class is so willing to help each other and share study guides and quizlets, etc. We seem to have that "We're all in this together" mentality. No one really ever talks about their grades, so it isn't competitive in that aspect either. The program is rigorous, just like every other PA program I'm sure, but it would have been 10x harder without the help of my classmates. Don't let whatever your landlord said discourage you, because I haven't found that to be my e
  2. Undergrad Ed School: California State University San Bernardino, BS in biochemistry and minor in biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.81 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.69 Post Bachelor GPA: 4.00 (16 credit hours) Age at application time: 24 GRE: 160 V, 154 Q, 4.0 W Direct Patient Care: (type & hours) CNA at skilled nursing facility- just over 2,000 hours Shadowing: 12 hours with the NP at the SNF I work at LOR: Organic Chemistry Professor whom I also did research with 2 of the Charge Nurses I work with Extracurricular/Research Activities: ~1000 hours research in O-Chem lab I just started v
  3. I declined my spot here, so hopefully that opens a seat for someone on the waitlist :)
  4. What I started with was the geographical locations I was open to living in for school. Then looked at programs in those areas and compared my stats to the avg accepted student. After that I researched further on the programs I felt I would be competitive at, comparing curriculum, PANCE scores, clinical offerings, and even extracurricular opportunities like volunteering at health clinics. Taking all that into consideration it was pretty easy to narrow down a list. Seeing that you are from CA, if you want to stay there I don't think many CA schools require the GRE so I can see why you don't
  5. I'm not married and as of right now my bf isn't moving with me to school. I will most likely move back to Portland after school, but who knows 2 years from now. Not sure about the cost of living in the Lehigh Valley area. All my furniture is from ikea so I've been debating if I should get rid of it vs move it cross country with me. I don't have much stuff so the cost of a pod doesn't seem that worth it to me. Thanks everyone for the advice, it's been helpful!
  6. Does anyone who has moved across the country for PA school have any advice or tips? How much time before school did you move and get settled in? I'll be moving from Oregon to Pennsylvania in August
  7. Just got a call yesterday that I was accepted off the waitlist! I'm soo excited and can't wait to get more info! :)
  8. I would say you don't really need to bring a resume since Caspa basically has our resume already. And if you've done anything new since submitting your app there is a chance to tell them. I think they said the program starts in later May, but I don't remember them giving a date. And I was super nervous too, but they truly are warm and welcoming and try their best to make everyone comfortable :)
  9. I went business casual and wore suit pants and professional shirt but no blazer or cardigan. However, most people were business professional even the first day with full suits and jackets/blazers.
  10. Does anyone know when we should hear back about acceptances/denials?
  11. Got an email a few days ago that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone know how the waitlist here works? How many people do they typically accept off of the waitlist?
  12. Accepted with scholarship! I don't think it has sunk in yet. Congrats to everyone accepted!
  13. Thank you! I have them posted in the PA applicant stats page, but in summary 3.8 cgpa 3.6 sgpa and 2,000ish hours as a cna at the time I submitted my CASPA. LOR from my Ochem professor whom I also did research with for 3 yrs and 2 nurses I work with.
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