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  1. Anyone know how often this programs sends interview invitations? I received a confirmation from them mid May that everything was received.
  2. Oh good to know. Still hanging on to some hope!
  3. If the person was already accepted then no it wasn't me :( but still hoping, thanks!
  4. Haha thanks for the enthusiastic response! Certainly hoping for that chance!
  5. Congrats to those who have been accepted. Does it seem like the waitlist is likely to move?
  6. Oh I see. Well let's hope that's not the case
  7. Anyone know if they do another round of interviews or invites? Or is it just the one
  8. Anyone who's received an invite willing to share their stats?
  9. Did you get an email confirming they received everything? It did say late October so that could be this week or next
  10. Has anyone applied to or have heard from Bay Path University?
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