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  1. Any derm PA's out there who work at Kaiser, Sutter, CA Skin Institute, Berman, or other larger corporations? I'm working in private practice now and have a lot of flexibility with my schedule which is nice, but not the kind of benefits and salary I think I could potentially have at the other. Could you share your experience as far as schedule, salary and/or benefits? And, if you've worked both private and/or corporate, which do you prefer and why? Thank you!
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a new or used PANCE prep pearls book by Dwayne Williams for under $40. Please message me if you have one available. Thanks!
  3. Really would appreciate anyone's experience with return time for results! If you took the exam on a Thursday, did you get your results the Thursday the week after, or did you have to wait a full 2 weeks? Very anxious to try to predict this so I can plan ahead
  4. I think they still post results on Thursdays the following week, except for people who took it on a Saturday?
  5. One of my instructors here in CA, said she started about 75K/year but advanced up to 250/year after having several years of experience. Also consider what you already have been trained in with your MA experience, making their job of teaching less intensive
  6. ok. thanks! I'll call the school for more info
  7. Was it difficult/very competitive to get into the ATSU program without a bachelors? Also, can you tell me if you need to have 1 year post-grad work experience as a PA before applying? Were you able to work full time while doing the program online with a fairly good balance? Thanks!
  8. Hey Joelseff, Thanks for the info!! I had never heard of that program. And yes, I do get an AS and certificate from my program. I will definitely look into this! Do you know if this is the only program that offers PAs without bachelor's a master's degree, or are there others as well?
  9. Hello! I have a question requiring job requirements these days. I am a current PA-S, but do not have my bachelor's degree. My program awards a certificate only, and an optional MMS degree online (contingent if you already have a BS). My plan is to: Graduate Complete an online BA/BS degree (most likely lasting no more than a year), while working PT or FT Complete the online MMS degree, while working PT or FT I was just wondering if it is uncommon for employers to hire a PA (certified, but without a BS or Master's) nowadays. I am not picky where I will work, so hopefully they can use me since I will be competent to practice at that point. Has anyone had a similar experience or input on this??? Thank you for your feedback! :)
  10. I'd recommend a PANCE book or the USMLE Step 1 First Aid. Also, learning how to read EKG's will save you a lot of hassle during cardio week. Good luck!
  11. Thank you everyone for your advice and tips! Truly invaluable! Just gotta keep swimming!
  12. Just the final. By only 5 questions! However, the only reason I'm worried is because our program only lets you have a certain number of failures of a finals or course (scoring below 70) for the whole program. I'm not aiming to get A's, just to pass and learn as much as possible so I can treat patients! Current is a beast in itself too. And, my teacher loves it!...picking out tiny bits of information from a random section for her test questions. It's a little frustrating to say the least. I have gotten several study materials from my mentor and classmates as well. It is easy to get lost in those as well. But, I will try to go more in depth with the objectives as you mentioned. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thank you Dynamo. I guess the hardest struggle is managing that objective list...in our case, the syllabus. It has 10+ pages worth of topics/diseases/tx/labs/etc for each class (A&P, Pharm, Clinical Skills, and Core Medicine). I've been trying to fill it out as best as possible. But, as you know, some teachers and guest lecturers give you information that may or may not be relevant to what is a necessity to know. I will do my best. Thanks!
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