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  1. Any derm PA's out there who work at Kaiser, Sutter, CA Skin Institute, Berman, or other larger corporations? I'm working in private practice now and have a lot of flexibility with my schedule which is nice, but not the kind of benefits and salary I think I could potentially have at the other. Could you share your experience as far as schedule, salary and/or benefits? And, if you've worked both private and/or corporate, which do you prefer and why? Thank you!
  2. Really would appreciate anyone's experience with return time for results! If you took the exam on a Thursday, did you get your results the Thursday the week after, or did you have to wait a full 2 weeks? Very anxious to try to predict this so I can plan ahead
  3. I think they still post results on Thursdays the following week, except for people who took it on a Saturday?
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