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  1. CRussell and the others, hold on and have faith... I sure hope there is spot for you guys!!!!! They take a good number of alternates each year and its late. Others may have accepted spots in other programs leaving room for you!
  2. Congrats Texas76! Come join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/752666004825653/ When did you interview?
  3. I interviewed and was accepted. I had about 2000 HCE's as a Cytotechnologist and as an EMT- the EMT hours are the most abundant and most current. I had 12000 hours of other health care experience as a Cytotech. These hours are not direct patient care but health care related- the difference was working in a hospital where I interacted with patients and working in a lab where I did not. I had 125 hours shadowing PA's in various settings. I had 1100 total volunteer hours in lots of areas over my lifetime (I am old). I also had nine or ten different entries in Awards/prof. Org/Leadership areas. I am not sure what will give you an edge but I think the more volunteering you can do and the more hands on patient care you can get, I would concentrate on that. I think that is the most important part in picking a candidate, along with GPA, etc.
  4. I just got an email announcing the starting date for our program. It has been extended and the official start date is July 9th! So I guess now its 30 months and we will graduate in December 2017. Woohooo!!! Yay for having a few more months to spread the information out in! I am glad they decided to do that because a 12 month didactic seems so stressful!
  5. No, CRussell, I didn't hear anything specific about this week but I had heard previously that the class should be picked by end of January so the assumption was mine. At least you are still in the running as an alternate. I had heard before that they pick several alternates because some people have been accepted to multiple schools and decline their spots here. Fingers crossed for you!
  6. I don't think they have filled all the slots yet so there is still hope for those who interviewed already. Hope you all get good news this week!
  7. I had the same question! I bought a few older biochem textbooks. I plan to at least read some about biochem before school starts. My program is slated to start in July so I, too, have a little time to prepare with subjects I am not so familiar with, including biochem and pharmacology. Thanks for the insight!
  8. I heard they were meeting about it today. I don't know if they will know a definite answer after the meeting or not though. I have heard several times that they might know by the end of January. Let's hope they do. I really need to know when the start date is!
  9. I remember a student telling my group that seven alternates got in this past year but its usually higher than that..the year before it was eleven. She said she was one of those alternates. So you still have a chance. When did you interview?
  10. I think the rejections were sent out to the ones who applied but did not get an interview. If you interviewed, you still have a chance.
  11. I heard that February interviews were a "possibility". That was after someone posted that they were NOT having any and then another person posting that they were. So basically, I don't think anyone knows for sure since we are getting conflicting reports from the office. Maybe they just have not decided for sure yet??
  12. PA Insider and PA 2017, did either of you interview? I met some people at my interview that said they were on the forum but I don't know their names here.. just wondering if either of you two were those people! lol
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