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  1. I got accepted yesterday!!!!! Woohoooo! So happy to be posting this update! Undergrad Ed School:University of Mississippi Medical Center- B.S.Cytology (1993) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.56 (36 credits) Masters (Forensic Science) GPA: 4.0 Age at application time : 46 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) EMT- > 2000 SHADOWING:100+ hours in urgent care, family medicine, endocrinology and childrens ortho Extracurricular/Research Activities: Community Volunteer, Food Bank, Spina Bifida of Texas, Arthritis Foundation Schools Applied: UTHSCSA Application Submitted Date: CASPA verified July 27 Interview Invites: UTHSCSA October 11th- TOMORROW Denied: none Withdrew Application: NA Accepted: UTHSCSA Attempt: 1st
  2. We were told explicitly NOT to send a thank you note to anyone by the faculty. It is frowned upon at the school I interviewed at. I would be sure its okay to send one first is all I am saying. They told us numerous times not to and they also said inevitably someone would. I wonder if they wont except that someone if they do because they cant even follow directions? Check with them and see what the policy is on thank you notes. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Oh my. I sincerely apologize if I offended you Sberman67. It was not my intent to accuse you of anything on a personal level. It made me realize though that there are those out there, not you personally perhaps, but there are those who are not empathetic to other people's situations and I was kinda off on a tangent about that. I have seen lots of people who could care less about other peoples struggles and don't get what they are going through and don't even try to. I didn't mean to imply that you are one of those. I was thinking more in terms of people who work on admissions committees are probably not those unsympathetic people, at least we hope not. I can see now after reading my post, where you might think I was talking directly to you, at least in part, because of the wording I chose. Please accept my apology. I really didn't mean you personally. I was just off on a tangent. I feel I am not contributing to this OP question any longer, so I think I will just bow out of this topic for now and chose my replies a little more carefully next time. I'm rather new to posting on open forums. Lesson learned.
  4. Not everyone will be able to relate to your experiences but I think most people have an idea of how much effort it takes to accomplish certain goals, etc. In healthcare, for instance, you don't really know pain until you have experienced a kidney stone. Natural childbirth doesn't even compare to it. A lot of people have not experienced it but I bet they have all heard of how painful it really is. You develop your sense of empathy for patients this way. You may not have ever been in their shoes, but you can empathize with how they must feel in so much pain. If you cant, this is not the field for you. That being said, listing your professional experiences would be a good thing too, however, I think your more personal accomplishments are what sets you apart. It's what makes you different than the others. Everyone here has professional accomplishments that are not that different than the next person. I think you need to stand out from the sea of "I earned a BS or MS". We all did. That is not really different. I do agree with Topsy in that it is subjective. There are folks who just don't have empathy and they cant really understand what it is like to quit smoking or overcome a difficult situation unless they have personally done it themselves, but hopefully those people will stay far away from healthcare and wont be on the admissions committee to a PA school. just sayin.
  5. Topsy, I quit smoking 21 years ago this August and I still consider that one of my biggest accomplishments. I didn't get that question in my interview but if I did, I would not hesitate to say that. It shows what a strong will you have and desire to be a healthy person. Its a great accomplishment that you should be proud of. I don't see a problem with naming quitting smoking as a very big accomplishment. There could be a smoker or previous smoker on the panel that really can relate to that or at least can appreciate how difficult that is and what it takes to accomplish that feat! In contrast, I don't think people should list having children as an accomplishment. I have personally always hated when people did that. (not that you have any or were planning on it, but since others read this forum, thought I would throw that in there) I understand that labor is hard and but lets face it, labor is going to happen and the baby is coming no matter what. You as the mother are not doing anything different than any other mother does. HURTS LIKE HELL and we have to endure it, there is no choice. Smoking is a choice. Stopping smoking is a conscious choice you made for good reasons. That is my rationale behind that. Our accomplishments and the things that really shape our lives are things we make a choice to do or not do that involves a challenge. You are made into the person you are because of the trials you face and how you handle them. We all learn from our mistakes. Think of things you have faced in your life that were the most challenging and how you overcame them. That is what they want to know about. Again, I think smoking cessation is a great one! Bravo for you!
  6. Dear PA admissions, I recently had an MMI interview. At one station I was asked something to the effect of "why should we pick you". I was prepared to answer it- had thought about my qualities and what makes me different than the rest and when the buzzer sounded, I entered the room to defend my position. After shaking hands and introductions, I began to answer the question. When I opened my mouth, I realized I was crying. I could not speak clearly. The tears were flowing. She handed me a tissue. It came out of nowhere! I stood there saying "I dont know where this came from. Its just been such a long hard road to get here" and took a few seconds to compose myself and I pressed on. I refocused on the task at hand and tried to keep the emotions in check while telling my story and trying to be sure I mentioned all my attributes that I felt might set me apart from others. She smiled mostly but i could not read her. My question for you is, do you think that emotion will keep me from getting a seat? I was not just blubbering but it was quite emotional for a minute or two, until I could speak clearly again. I think I did well on the other stations, finishing them early and getting to ask questions myself. I feel good overall about how it went but this station and this unexpected emotion took me aback. (I did notice she had tissues though, so maybe others have the same reaction on this question). Also, it was right after a very stressful station where you had a problem to solve in a time limit and a persons safety was at risk! I guess it was too much for me. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hey! I think it went well. It was my first interview and it was MMI style. I wrote about it on the interview tips thread. I was just giving my advice on some things I saw but what do I know! lol. I think I did as well as I could on all of the mini interviews. I cried during one which I dont know how that happened. I was prepared to give my answer and then as soon as I opened my mouth, the emotions of this very long journey came bursting out. I had to get it together and quick and I did. I was able to pull myself together in about 30 seconds and push on. I tried to sell myself as the question asked me to do "so to speak". I really hope the emotion did not derail me from having a spot. The rest of the stations I think I did very well on. There was only one really difficult one that made my stress level really go up but I knew everyone would have this happen so I think I did as well as anyone could under the circumstances. That being said, I have to wait now, forever to see if I get a seat. Its killing me! They told us that we may not find out until after the last round of interviews which is in January! How will I last that long?
  8. Just finished with my interview on Saturday. It was MMI style. It was not as bad as I expected. I was thinking the whole time, as I looked around the room and interacted with people, about this forum and all the advice that was given. I tried to take most of the good advice. I did see some dress issues there but overall everyone looked nice and professional (except for the one guy who wore his music festival/band/party hot pink paper bracelet). He explained to a few of us that if he took it off he could not go back and party that night or the next day so he kept it on. I think I would have taped it to my arm and put my sleeve over it to make sure it didn't show instead of flaunting it, but that's just me. I met some nice people there. I think many of them would make good classmates. There is always that one however. My advice to others interviewing... when asked about yourself by other applicants, keep it short and sweet. Just the bare minimum. Don't be cocky and overconfident, especially if your background is not even particularly impressive. There are lots of things to talk about and be friendly to one another besides going on and on about yourself. No one is there to hear your life story. We are all there to see if we are a good fit for the program and if its a good fit for us. Keep the conversation light! No need to brag or boast about not being intimidated or nervous. NO ONE believes that. No need to compare stats either, its just in poor taste. Just a tip from Tammi. lol. Other clothing advice. I saw a girl whose pants were too tight. Her pockets were flaring out. Make sure your pants aren't so tight that the pockets flare! Her jacket didn't match her pants and it looked very thrown together.. Also wearing a pony tail that looked as if she just left the gym. Not sleek or professional looking at all. The ponytail holder was a bright blue. Outfit was NOT. Ladies, its just my advice, you can take it or leave it, but this is not very professional looking. Take some time to do your hair and make sure your clothes at least fit. On a bright note.. I saw some really nice suits, not all of them blue, gray or black, but most were. One lady had a beautiful MK bag in Magenta but somehow it seemed to work with her subdued light gray pinstripe suit. It gave it a little pizazz without being too much. I also saw a lady in a dark green blouse under a gray suit. It was really pretty on her. Something a little different but not too much. There was a man there in a gray suit with a dark plum/purple shirt and a tie with the same purple and gray. It was a little busy but somehow was not too much either. The gold cufflinks and tie tack might have been a touch over the top considering the bold shirt and tie though. Again, these are just my thoughts after a grueling interview. Not trying to come off as negative nelly. Just pointing out what I noticed were good things and bad things. There was one person that I noticed that needed the award for the most disinterested candidate. I have read that others have seen this but until I did, I was thinking.. who would do that? This person seemed so far removed from what was really happening that he might as well have been meditating. It was his fourth interview and it was quite easy to tell he was not impressed with this school. He never interacted with anyone that I saw except when I asked him a direct question. Never smiled or anything. Also, don't be on your phone! There were a handful of people that could not seem to put their phones down. They were always texting and looking at it when there was any downtime.. while waiting in line, while the student q&a was going on. Just constant, like my teenage daughter. I am no authority on how to dress, how to act and I have not been accepted to a program yet. I just wanted to put my two cents out there just in case the advice might help someone. I know the 26 pages of this thread has certainly helped me, the good, the bad and the ugly. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully we all get into our number one choice!
  9. Undergrad Ed School:University of Mississippi Medical Center- B.S.Cytology (1993) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.56 (36 credits) Masters (Forensic Science) GPA: 4.0 Age at application time : 46 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) EMT- > 2000 SHADOWING:100+ hours in urgent care, family medicine, endocrinology and childrens ortho Extracurricular/Research Activities: Community Volunteer, Food Bank, Spina Bifida of Texas, Arthritis Foundation Schools Applied: UTHSCSA Application Submitted Date: CASPA verified July 27 Interview Invites: UTHSCSA October 11th- TOMORROW Denied: Will update Withdrew Application: Will update Waitlisted: Will update Accepted: Will update Attempt: 1st
  10. @empowred, I am 46 and have an interview Saturday. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the admissions folks at my school of choice. I recommend you read "old man on campus" by Barry Brownstein. Its a great book. He went to PA school in his fifties. We older ones bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the PA profession and I believe we have a place here. I am just like you, hoping to get in, but I don't think its a negative, I think its a positive! Don't listen to the naysayers! My physician is the one who introduced me to PAs! He has encouraged me all the way! Don't just follow your dream girl, chase it and run it down!
  11. My story in a nutshell: Well, as much as that is possible. Became interested in medicine as a child. Was poor and full of self doubt. From the sticks of Mississippi- Wanted to practice medicine and kept saying.. one day, one day. Decided I could do something in medicine after all and got a BS in Cytotechnology. Worked two part time jobs to do this and raise two children. Seven boring years later- changed careers to forensics- only needed a few more chemistries- had child number 3 in there somewhere 13 years later I earned a Masters in Forensic Science WAS still not fulfilled... Medicine still calling me.- daughter wants to be a physician but has the same self doubts-- felt I could not allow this to happen to her, I love her too much! Time to take action! Became an EMT- volunteer and then work on weekends with a rural service- just like home! Teach forensics one night a week at a local college--- basically I work three jobs right now and take classes!- Have always enjoyed doing multiple things at once! Was introduced to a PA- best thing that ever happened to me- Found my dream job, the one that has been so elusive for so long! Went after it with a vengeance! I am taking a refresher course in A&P 2, (medical terminology and Spanish for medicine was last semester) Shadow PA's for the past 6 months or so in Urgent care primarily, endocrinology, family medicine and orthopedic surgery. I shadow everywhere I can fit it in! Have interview Saturday! Wish me luck!--- Its a MMI style interview... any suggestions on how to prepare for that would be great too. I have been preparing for months but I am still scared I have not done enough to be ready. Accepted! Class of 2017!!!
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