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  1. Thank you, your response is very helpful! It does bring me to the other dilemma between taking classes at the university where i graduated from, or community. My undergraduate GPA is not the best, I think its 3.11 I was thinking that taking classes at my previous university and getting a good GPA would look much better on my transcript, than going to community and getting good grades there. I feel like that way they may look at my transcript and think that the only reason why my GPA improved was because I attended a community college... Thoughts from previous experiences are greatly appr
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and so thankful to have found it in this very confusing time. I have been seriously considering PA school, but I am trying to determine what would be the best route for me. I have a BA in psychology, so I would have to go back to school to get my science prerequisites. I am super excited to go back to school, however I am unsure whether to go back and major in Bio, or just go back as a continuing education student and just take the 30 credits that i need for PA school rather than 60 for the second major. My second dilemma at this time is the pat
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