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  1. In case anyone is following I did find that the board was authorized last year to meet once a month. Found on the TAPA website: https://www.tapa.org/AMSIMIS/TAPA/Professional_Practice/State_Law___Licensing.aspx
  2. Hi everyone, I have begun the process of getting licensed in Texas. All of my documentation has been submitted and I received notice that I will be assigned an analyst but that this could take several weeks. I have read some of the older topics on this but I was wondering if anyone that has gone through the new licensure process more recently could tell me how long this whole ordeal might take. On the older threads people have been saying the TPAB only meets 4 times a year but I am seeing a schedule that looks like they meet every month. Is this something that changed in 2017? I had a pretty promising interview last Friday and I am starting to stress that my license won't be complete for several months. What does this mean if they make me an offer? Also, if you applied for a temporary license how long did that take to process? How does the Texas PA Board expect us to start paying off our loans?! Feeling frustrated...
  3. Hello all! I have always had a dream of uniting psychiatry and counseling together in my own practice. I am working on my PA degree now and I would like to get a second masters in clinical counseling. I truly believe mental health needs some serious improvement in this country and I want to do my part. We can't keep pushing psych meds on people hoping that they'll take the step to find therapy. I believe it is imperative that these two practices be combined. Mental health is a multifaceted problem that can't be fixed with drugs alone. (stepping off soapbox now) Plus, I love Psychiatry and Psychology... and neuro... and the brain in general. My question is, is there anyone out there that has done something similar? Does anyone have a practice like this that could tell me what it was like to find patients, how much you charge per session, what its like to have your own psych practice, do you take insurance, if I have a supervising physician am I even allowed to have a practice like this (I know it depends greatly on what state I am in) etc... Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am a PA-S2 and seeking a rotation location in Colorado. Colorado is my home state and I would love to return after school. I can do out of state rotations for the following: -Women's Health -Pediatrics -Dermatology -Emergency Medicine -Primary Care I would love some tips on finding preceptors or if anyone would be interested in helping I would love to make a connection. My rotations don't start until November 2016 and they run until December 2017. I want to get the ball rolling and make some connections as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!
  5. This was the buzz among the physicians and PA's yesterday at lobby day. Perhaps the story I got was exaggerated. I'm sure there are more links but I'm still a student so not a whole lot of time to search them out at the moment. I will post more links as I find them. I have edited my verbiage until I can find supporting documentation.
  6. http://www.rutlandherald.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20151213/NEWS04/151219794/1024 Huge implementation delays are the main problem thus far.
  7. Ignorant? This has just been my experience. There's no reason to use the word ignorant. I observed medical students where I worked. In the facility I worked in the students tended to depend on getting their experience from their residency and therefore observe more than practice procedures during their clinical experiences. When offered an opportunity to perform a procedure they would say, "I will do that in my residency" and proceed to watch someone else do it. Maybe this isn't true of everywhere, its just what I have experienced. I don't understand why an associate physician is even a "solution". Why doesn't federal funding go to allocating more funds to making more residencies? That is the more logical and direct solution to this problem.
  8. We had our PA lobby day yesterday here in VA and this bill was one that we opposed. I think its scary that a year 4 could practice with little to no hands on clinical experience. Plus what about Rx rights? How can prescriptive authority be given to someone who is not board certified? The only state where this bill has passed thus far is Missouri and it has failed to be implemented. Yikes.
  9. Compared to where I live now St. Pete is extremely cheap. Besides having family near by, that was part of the perk. I appreciate your info though. All of the response posts have been quite discouraging. I definitely don't want to go to a place where I am underpaid and not respected after working so hard in school.
  10. Do you mind if I ask what school? I'm very sorry you went through that. I know you must be devastated. But its not the end of the road! I would look for a program with a low attrition rate. I picked my school because they basically said we don't let you fail out. You would have to just not try to fail out here. So maybe a different program really would be the best route
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