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  1. Preach it brotha. It’s amazing how much the attitudes of docs and nursing staff varies from one location to the next. One place can be great go thirty minutes down the road and your in fear for your license.
  2. That’s definitely a fair point and I guess I’ve been a bit passive aggressive and have made it a point to be ultra professional now ... lace up shoes, white coat, the works . I guess what got me was if you have that big of a problem and your truly worried about safety handle that issue in person and not run off to upper management. Obviously I’ll have to get over it or move on but just needed a place to vent!
  3. I recently started covering a new ED but have been with this staffing company for several months and have had good relations with them. However, at this new hospital it seems nursing staff runs the place. My first shift there the charge nurse says “ just so you know I’ll question most of your orders and if you do anything crazy I’ll make sure it’s your last shift”. So I kind of just went with it and thought maybe this is an isolated incident. After a few more days I get a call on my day off from my staffing company saying “ one of the nurses has complain about you wearing sandals that they feels it unprofessional” For the record I do wear chacos at night because I can slip them on fast when I get out of bed. This really got me because I’ve never had a complaint against me and consistently have good patient satisfaction scores. Just wanted some opinions...am I being unreasonable or should I just cut my loses and move on to a different facility?
  4. Just curious of what everyone's thoughts are about the Lynchburg College DMSc program? This seems like a pretty big advancement, a doctoral level degree being offered for PAs by a PA school but I haven't been able to find much discussion about it. Personally I think it's a pretty fair program that gives the opportunity to enhance clinical knowledge and learn some basics of hospital admin/leadership.
  5. Has anyone interviewed hear this year?
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