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  1. Congratulations to those who got into PCOM!!!! and Goodluck to those who are waiting. For those who are accepted, feel free to message me if you need any advice on the living situation. There are great apartments near PCOM (best to get a roommate). Especially my building :)
  2. @ peachsole, i will send you a private message of my stats.
  3. does anyone know if Cornell is still sending out supplementals to potential applicants? How many seats are left?
  4. received my acceptance email today! I interviewed on 10/27... unsure if i will choose PACE for my PA journey...:)
  5. @ Gerrly the question you should be prepare for is... Why do you want to be a PA? What is the role of a PA (know in depth)? and just relax and let PCOM know what kind of applicant you are... Goodluck!!!
  6. i declined my interview... good luck to everyone else!
  7. I don't think there is a silent rejection...if you didn't get a response within 4 weeks from your interview, i think you are on the waiting list.
  8. @nospin29 what are some neighborhoods in PA safe and quiet for renting and which neighborhood should i avoid?
  9. @ aw388, Thank you!!!! Goodluck on your interview!!!
  10. @ aw388 sorry, one more question when did you submit your CASPA application to cornell?
  11. @ aw388 do you mind sharing when you received Cornell's supplemental and response for an interview? Still waiting for one here.
  12. @jennifer 4293 is it possible to tell me when you received the supplemental, interview, and acceptance from Cornell? i'm still waiting and the wait is killing me. Thanks!
  13. i'm sure PCOM is still interviewing, but i don't know how many spots are left though.
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