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  1. Challenging - it has been this cycle, in particular, to identify referees, spend quality time with PA's and ask each to submit a meaningful letter of recommendation. My search for willing PA's includes submitting blind requests, going through the list of PA's on the national PA forum, requesting shadowing from area PA associations and clinics, and NP's, etc. There are two weeks left to submit letters via CASPA by an Aug. 1, deadline. Older student; not affiliated with a school with a pre-PA program. I am digging in.
  2. Hello, any suggestions for finding a 3 cr. ethics course required for the BPU PA program? Online, cost efficient would be a plus. For example, U Phoenix offers a 5 wk. HCS335 UG Healthcare Ethics & Social Responsibility course. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I plan to attend the July 23, 2018 open house to learn more about the Bay Path PA program and to help answer the question - why BP.
  4. New England University is another school that offers online pre-req. science courses for the allied health science programs. UNE is an accredited university and has a medical school. Some labs are virtual. Check with your preferred PA programs as some may prefer a brick/mortal lab. I will be taking courses in the of Winter 2015. Best. online.une.edu/science-perquisites or Google.
  5. DajaBlu, my opinion is that this is a sold narrative. Suggest to keep the grammar past tense so as not to interrupt the flow. -the Ohio ... provided me with the names of three physician assistants who will allow me to shadow them. Right now, it sounds as though the PA's are shadowing themselves. I instinctively knew. How could you know without objective medical tests? Perhaps, "I perceived, based on my exposure to ... Good luck!
  6. I have started a Google search for fast track CNA programs in the RI area. Would folks mind sharing the names of the 2 week CNA training programs that they have attended? Thanks.
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