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  1. Thanks jpshoe! I really appreciate the feedback and the words of encouragement! Good luck in your PA endeavors!
  2. I'm having an internal struggle that I am hoping to get some advise with. I received two interview invitations to schools on the opposite sides of the country that are back to back days. Although this is a great problem to have, I don't know if it is wise to go to both. The school I am more interested in is the 2nd day, so on the one hand it would be good to get some interview experience in but would it be too much stress to do all of that traveling and mentally taxing? Plus what if the only program that I get in to is the school on the first day?? This is my second year applying so I am very eager to go to every interview and put forth every effort I can. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  3. Help! I can't get a clear answer from CASPA on assigning classes and grades to schools "Prerequisites" tab. For example, a school requests a math class, minimum credits 3, minimum grades 2. I'm not sure how to answer that as a 3 credit math class only has 1 grade assigned to it. Help! I would be devastated if my application was rejected by a school because of a clerical error. Thanks!
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