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  1. Anyone in san diego interviewing this Friday (Dec 4) and want to carpool? I'm doing the 8:45 slot but I'm going up early enough (to miss traffic) so that I can still drive up with anyone interviewing during the 7:45 slot.
  2. Hm very good points. It makes you that much sure you made the right choice! Congrats again!
  3. Never heard from SMU but I got in somewhere else and sent an email to withdraw my app from consideration from SMU. Good luck everyone!
  4. I have kinda the same thing going.. I have a flight to Florida.. might skip an interview but check out the beaches? I can't decide haha! And yes, seriously the best birthday gift of my life! (:
  5. That's so awesome you went to Disney! Congrats on Touro, we'll miss ya!
  6. I interviewed yesterday and got a call this evening and was offered a spot in the program! Can't believe it; so, so grateful and happy (: This was my second year interviewing at Loma Linda so it goes without saying that if you don't make it this year try, try again!
  7. I would guess you're okay. My impression of this program is that they are very understanding. I thought I missed the early decision deadline because I basically did the same thing you did, and didn't have access to the "supplemental" until a day or two after the (early decision) deadline. Everything was fine though. If I were you I would call (I heard back quickly when I called a few days ago) and/or email Leslie tomorrow to double check, but I don't think your application will be considered late. Hopefully you're good!
  8. A few days after you submit CASPA to MBKU you will receive an email with your login information for your MyKetchum account. You can't pay the fee (the only thing needed to submit the supplemental) until you get that login info. Hope that helps!
  9. Thank you so much, congrats on yours!! I'll be seeing you December then (: I was emailed Monday October 19th around noon. :D An interesting thing to note is that they gave me until 11/23 to choose an interview date or decline the interview completely. I thought this was pretty thoughtful.. I got another interview invite from a different school and not only was there a deadline to decide of ~36 hours after I'd received the email invitation, the date had already selected for me. I was really stressed out because the date didn't work out for me!
  10. Was invited to interview on October 16th but was unable due to being out of the country. I was placed on hold and then a few days ago invited to interview on Nov 20 AM session. (:
  11. sorry to post on the wrong thread but is there a thread for NSU- Ft. Myers? Can't find one but I have an interview there coming up (:
  12. Got a phone call on the 1st for an interview on Nov 3 (: Anyone else?
  13. If I was in your shoes I would apply to the other programs as planned. Programs receive hundreds of CASPA applications every cycle, and I'm willing to bet that every admissions panel does not read *every* single word of the narrative essays. Give it a shot! Worst case scenario you have to reapply next years, and the fact that you're a reapplicant proves your dedication to the profession and that program. Some programs even have seperate essay questions directed at reapplicants, which means they give them extra consideration (in my opinion). Good luck!
  14. Thanks for starting this thread. I submitted CASPA to them just a few days before their priority deadline; I kept editing and re-editing all those essays or else I would have submitted much earlier. I didn't get the "supplemental application" until 9/4 or so, and submitted the payment quickly.. not sure if that means I missed the priority deadline or not. Praying I didn't, MBKU is one of my top programs.
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