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  1. Can anyone remind me when SU is planning on letting the extra 12 acceptances in after the Leesburg campus gets accredited?
  2. I am also on the alternate list!! I'm keeping faith since they said they will accept 12 alternates once those accepted have picked a campus
  3. I interviewed on January 7th, but still haven't heard anything at all. They said they would have our decisions made by the week of the 12th, but it seems like they might be a little bit behind from the other interview dates as well...? Has anyone heard anything about when final decisions will be made? I know that my interview date was the last one of the CASPA season.
  4. Got my acceptance call today! Anyone else?! It was great meeting all of you at my interview last week, I'm excited about the program!
  5. I just got a call with an interview offer! I know they are offering interviews Dec. 10 and Jan. 7, I'll be there in January! Good luck to anyone else who just got an interview!
  6. I am still waiting anxiously to hear from SU...anyone else in the same boat? I haven't heard a thing lately and I applied in June.
  7. My secondary app was received by Penn State on July 8 and I got the offer to interview on Aug. 26. So about 6 weeks.
  8. kmul3331, I also interviewed on Sept 19th and haven't heard anything at all. I they told us that if we are accepted or rejected it would show in our MyMadison accounts, and anyone wait listed would get a direct email. So I'm taking this as they haven't decided on me yet.
  9. I also interviewed on 9/26, and I loved the program. Everyone was so friendly and they have amazing facilities and resources. I know they offer you acceptance by phone, so I'm waiting anxiously by the phone!
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