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  1. We haven't had any clinical rotations yet-this is the AC campus's first year and we are in our didactic year right now.
  2. Hi everyone! It's my first week of the fall semester of my didactic year and I'm a little bit stuck. I understand the information being taught to me in patho (the biology/medical jargon, etc. is not over my head) however, I'm having a hard time differentiating between pathogenesis, pathology, pathophysiology and how to describe them. For example, I'm working on a question that asks to describe the pathogenesis of neoplasms vs the pathophysiology of neoplasms. From what I thought I understood, the pathogenesis is the way the disease develops at the cellular level whereas the pathophysiology is the changes that occur to the cells due to a disease...but I think I'm confused. Could someone please help me how to explain an answer to a question like this? (Obviously not trying to get someone to do my work for me, but I won't see my teacher until Monday and I think explaining this via email would be confusing!) Thanks :)
  3. just a suggestion but you might not want to post this publicly-you never know you might try to use parts of it or plagiarize. however, if you want to message me (I'm a current PA student) I wouldn't mind reading it over for you!
  4. Unfortunately my program is at a brand new satellite campus so finding room mates outside my program is a little tougher but I will look into it. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I was getting nervous hearing people say that that much loan money is not worth it and getting very discouraged from what I was initially so excited about. Good luck to you in your PA journey :)!
  6. So, I will be starting PA school this July and I just got my financial aid award letter and it is making me so anxious and upset over the amount of loans I can't think straight. I will be paying for tuition and living expenses entirely on my own. As of now I will have to live alone because I was waiting to hear from another school and couldn't sign a lease, now everyone has room mates. Tuition alone for the school is $41,500 per year. My letter states I can take up to $73,000 for this first year for everything. If I did that for both years, I would be almost $150,000 in debt without interest...so probably closer to $175,000. I feel like this is just a crazy amount of debt to be in for two years and when I read other forum posts, it seems like people are saying more like 90,000 in debt. I don't want to take out the full amount because I don't think I'll need it but even still it's going to be much over $100,000. My other option is to do a 1hr 20 min commute (without traffic) and risk my study time and sanity. Is anyone else in this much debt? I just feel so overwhelmed right now!
  7. Awesome! You were at my interview :)! Hopefully we'll hear more about housing sometime soon, good luck with the cross country move!
  8. Does anyone know if they are still interviewing? I haven't heard anything since my supplemental app was finished in september.
  9. Hi everyone! I just thought it'd be cool to see who is planning on attending the new AC campus in July and to get to know everyone! Also, I'm from south jersey so if anyone has any questions about the area feel free to ask. Congrats to everyone who got accepted :)
  10. Rachel, I got accepted to! I'm from south jersey so I sorta know the area around there...all I can say is don't live right in Atlantic City, it's better to live in the towns around there. Towns like Absecon and galloway are close by and not bad. Congrats!! :)
  11. paapp123, How did you hear about waitlist? Was it via email or letter?
  12. Can anyone who's heard back give an idea of how long they waited to hear after the interview? I know they told us 4-6 weeks but some people it seems have heard earlier so I'm just wondering!
  13. that makes me feel better. I'm on the wait list but just wanted to stay informed. thanks for the info!
  14. Do you know why? Do you know how it affects students? I've tried to read up on it but haven't gotten alot of good info.
  15. At the interview, they said we would find out by letter no matter what but I heard of some students from other years saying they got a phone call. Do they still do this or is it just by letter?
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