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  1. The best thing for you to do is to contact the programs you are interested in. Also, your undergraduate institution might have an advisor for Pre-PA students and might be able to give you an idea.
  2. Getting at least 2000 hours of HCE will help your application a great deal, and will open more available applications since that is the minimum at a few schools.
  3. I think SLPs are not mentioned just because they are not common applicants. My mom is an SLP and from what I know she does, you all would have fantastic HCE. Also, your educational background would be a plus since, I assume, you have been through a vigorous graduate program. You will be fine, good luck on your application!
  4. I actually used this service last year when I had no idea if I was on the right track with my PS or not. I got the 3 revisions (prices were a little cheaper then) and found it immensely helpful. For me, they did way more than just sentence structure; they helped focus my thoughts, told me which sections could be combined or separated for a greater impact, and used my resume for suggestions. Mind you, I was 6 years out of college and had pretty decent HCE as an athletic trainer. All of the responses were thoughtful, and more than just a word or two. I thought it was money well spent. I also got into a program on my first attempt, with a pretty decent GPA/GRE and good HCE, so I'm not sure how much my PS impacted my application as a whole, but it definitely did not hurt anything.
  5. I listed my membership in my national (NATA,) state (GATA,) and regional (SEATA) organizations. The Athletic Training profession is pretty small, so most practitioners are members of at least the national association. While I was never on a committee, I was an active voting member and attended the annual meetings and such. In part of my interview I did discuss how I thought it was important to be a member of professional organizations, therefore my membership was a key talking point.
  6. Certain schools might also have minimum grade requirements for each prereq, so the C's might not meet the requirement for the class.
  7. This has been discussed thoroughly throughout this forum. July is fine, just know the requirements for your programs.
  8. In your specific case I would only go through the masters, if you can get great grades, to show that you can handle that level of work. Currently, your grades do not show that you can excel at that level; therefore, getting your masters with mediocre grades would only do more harm to your application.
  9. Your GPAs are below most minimums for most programs. You need to improve your study habits or change something to make sure, whether you retake classes or enter a masters program, you only get mostly As from here on out. Since your GPAs are low, you will probably need to gain much more than only a year's worth of HCE. Generally, low GPAs are helped by higher HCE hours.
  10. I wore a skirt suit, and almost every female I interviewed with wore a skirt suit. The shirt underneath varied; about half wore a button up and half wore something a little more contemporary. I honestly don't think anyone really pays attention unless you wear something a little outlandish, like cargo shorts...
  11. I received an email at 1:00 today stating that a decision had been rendered on my application. When I logged in it said I had been accepted. While GW would be an exceptional opportunity, I have accepted elsewhere. Good luck to everyone, and check your emails!
  12. While I'm not yet a PA, I just renewed my AT. What self evaluation are you having problems with?
  13. I was just called about an interview for January. I declined the opportunity and hope someone else here gets the call! Good luck
  14. I don't remember the name of the professor. Every week you had discussion posts, a quiz, and a paper due by midnight at the end of the week.
  15. I took Genetics at MCC. While cheap, I considered it a waste of my time. Super easy, absolutely zero effort required, and I learned very little. I definitely could have spent more time individually making sure I was learning to gain something, but the assignments don't really encourage this kind of work. So I guess it really depends on your goals: easy A-- go for it, actual learning-- look elsewhere...
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