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  1. I’m a recent grad and a native Floridian. I’m moving up to NY (Westchester County). I’ve applied to quite a few hospitals and offices. However I’ve only heard back from a handful and taken a few interviews (Withdrew my application). Just wondering if anyone in the area has any tips for an eager new PA. I seem to keep seeing the same positions posted on several different sites and I’ve applied to most that I’m interested in, Thanks in advance!
  2. When applying for your license is there any online application or just the one to mail in? I take my PANCE at the end of this month and was hoping to start the application process beforehand. Thank you in advance!
  3. I just withdrew my acceptance (due to another acceptance), I hope this opens a spot up for someone! Best of luck! I saw there is some concern about the interview process- I had an interviewer who was a bit tough in the manner which the questions were asked- but he ultimately admitted these are hard questions to answer. They know they are putting it on thick, but in the end they want to see how you handle pressure and not so much on the substance of your answer. Try to stay calm and stick to your opinion and you should be good! I left the interview thinking I did awful, but was accepted 3 d
  4. I received the acceptance email and not a call. I think they are in the midst of a few changes, however I followed up with Judy and she emailed me back fairly quickly and told me to scan the intent letter back. Hope that helps!
  5. Hey guys, I got accepted! It was via email so heads up to check those! Good luck!
  6. I'm not sure, I believe they call for acceptances and Mail wait list and denials. But I'm not 100% sure
  7. According to someone who interviewed today, the director said they met yesterday to make final decisions on those interviewed already. Best of luck to us all!
  8. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is still a possibility they are inviting applicants for interviews? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone received a wait list or denial letter? Congrats to those accepted!
  10. Did you also know when they will get back to the applicants?
  11. Hey everyone! I interviewed today and it was a great experience! I honestly can't say anything that isn't positive about nova. The PA students were very informative and helpful to get to know how the program is from the students perspective. The factulty was very welcoming and personalized a lot of the interview. Best of luck to anyone interviewing this cycle!
  12. Has anyone gotten anything in the mail, with deadlines or anything? Those who have been accepted. I got the email to check for outstanding application requirements. But that's it so far
  13. So I am applying for the first time this cycle and am wondering how most PA students decide the right program for them. I have been accepted to one program but have two other interviews. I really liked the program I first interviewed with and its in my home state. But I am not sure if I should take the interview in NY (I live in FL). Any tips would be helpful, thank you!!
  14. I got the email today for an interview! my date is November 6 (I live in Florida and need time to make the plans) anyone with any recommendations on where to stay is helpful! Best of luck to all!
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