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  1. UPDATE: I countered with a request to start 1.0 FTE in the next 6-12 months, and to have a $10k sign on bonus to cover me in the meantime. Their reply came in today: starting me at 1.0 FTE immediately, and a 2500 dollar sign on bonus. Signing on tonight! thanks for all the insight and tips.
  2. Good thought- there’s only one other urgent care in a 120 mile radius and they don’t hire often so not sure I could bank on that!
  3. Hi all, I am finishing up my clinical rotation year, and my absolute favorite rotation offered me a job this week. It is in my dream town, and I've enjoyed working within this healthcare system and staff on my rotation. Small mountain town, population <10k. It is mainly a Family Practice job, with occasional Urgent Care coverage. My SP seems very reasonable, kind, and interested in some level of mentorship. The catch is that they can only offer a 0.8 FTE position with a salary of $74k (32 hour work week). At first glance the salary in underwhelming, but I
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