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  1. Hey there, the short answer to your question is no. It is USVI, so it is considered United States territory. Also BarryU is an accredited program so there should be no trouble if you try to practice in the states. I have done the research for this university and all info leads to the same answer.
  2. I had a great time interviewing in St.Croix on Friday 11/21... It was really nice meeting all of the interviewees, good luck to everyone !!!
  3. Awesome congrats !!!! Did they contact you via phone or Email? what day is your interview? If you dont mind asnwering these questions, of course. Thanks in advance
  4. I still have not heard from UTMB do yall think I should call or email... or be patient and just wait... I am starting to get worried now since someone posted that the last interview date is Dec 1 and I still have not heard anything?
  5. Hello Justin, I will be also interviewing on the 21 in St.Croix ! I am beyond excited for the interview and to meet everyone. I will be flying out on the morning of Nov 20th from Texas and catching a connecting flight in Miami.
  6. Congrats!!!!! I am interviewing on 11/21, I am so excited!!! Would you mind answering a couple of questions for me ?
  7. Hello everyone, Has anyone heard from St.Croix yet ? I am interviewing on Nov 21 and was wondering if anyone else would be there with me !!!
  8. Hey, how did LIU inform you of an interview? Through email or by phone? also did you have to turn in your GRE scores prior to them offering you and interview? If you could answer these question it would be greatly appreciated thank you !!!
  9. I received an email today requesting my GRE scores, but no interview offer "/ anyone hear back yet ?
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