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  1. lol you have a point. I guess I was trying too much.
  2. What...? There's a such thing as the "silent rejection?????"
  3. I would seriously truck on, since thousands of applicants would love your seat and would be in your shoes in a heartbeat. I would take your spot. I'm great at self studi! Unless you're absolutely gifted with photographic memory, we all have to restudy what we learned in class to have a better grasp of the material. In reality UGoLong is right about your complaint would probably only benefit the next cycle.
  4. Wear a bow tie. It's sutle, no one wears it, and still formal; yet it will stand out. What I have been pondering is how to give a proper two handed hand-shake. I feel that those are better than the usual one handed, and confers some bond.
  5. I feel that as long as your GPA is good then your HCE could be any of that sort that is previously stated; however, if your GPA is average then maybe you should invest in a heavier HCE load, which would include RN, RT, etc. You have to have something that out-weighs your GPA and that is obviously by your HCE.
  6. Polly, what did the interview process consist of...?
  7. They seem very attentive to applicants, and one of the schools that actually call you to confirm ever detail of your application. Mary Calhoun is the admissions counselor. Good up and coming school so far. There might not be a lot of participation on this thread because it is quite new, and applicants base their decisions on ranks,
  8. I'm not a PA, however, I do work in the critical care setting and also ED. EM residency is mainly situated in the emergency room; while critical care would be your surgical/neuro/cardiovascular intensive care units. The PAs at my hospital work in either the ER or CVICU, There is actually a PA critical care residency offered, which I hope to attend when and if I am successful in my attempts to become a PA.
  9. I would call but i'm not going to harass them any further, since last time they sounded very busy.
  10. It also states that the admissions committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. Also, I received an email from Monica stating that there a limited seats left. Possibly 13 if i'm mistaken.
  11. I haven't even received an email verifying that they received my app. Should I call/email them?
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