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  1. Thanks for the response Shaina, I am also from Arizona! are you flying out tomorrow? For the most part, is everyone getting together at the cocktail hour tomorrow night?
  2. jbinmn, I am also interviewing Tuesday, I would definitely want to meet up with everyone the night before and will be staying at the Marriott. I will be flying out from Arizona tomorrow and flying back Thursday morning. Is there a set place where everyone is meeting? -Sam
  3. I'm really excited I found this forum! I am flying out from Arizona to San Francisco tomorrow! Is everyone attending the cocktail hour? I think it is also for those interviewing at the other programs??
  4. Hey everyone, Anyone have an interview scheduled for 9/23? If so, is anyone staying at the recommended Marriott and/or going to the "cocktail hour" that is being held at the Marriott hotel? Also, how have you been preparing for the interview? -Sam
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