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  1. Guys, I have a huge issue: I am a Canadian F-1 student who was just accepted to a PA program. The program has told me that they do accept international students, but I am one of the first to actually need an F-1 visa. My question for you guys is, how did your program go about handling working in hospitals during the program? For example, the campus I will attend has a VA hospital (among several others), where they are asking us to go and see patients as part of one of the courses. They have sent a lot of the paperwork over to me to be allowed to work at the VA hospital (without compensa
  2. From dallas, group A! Super excited and so grateful to have been accepted! Did you guys receive the email that was supposed to be sent following the phone call?
  3. Thank you so much! My number is in the top 5 and I'm so nervous!
  4. Humble request for people who are not planning on going to Baylor to please give others a chance to interview!
  5. Topsy, Did she tell you you were not on the waiting list either?
  6. Can anyone say what time they heard? And was it by email? Many thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, Sirpaul, and respectfully, I have to disagree. They definitely do care. There are several international applicants at UTSW who have received admission into the program, and they do take international students. But, the truth is that they only save 1-2 positions per class for international students. Because there are so few spots, the chances are much more difficult and more competitive for international students. The fact that you are an international student does put you in another class, despite what their website says. If you have US coursework, however, they might consid
  8. Mine was on 9/19 as well, but no word yet...is anyone here considered an international applicant? If the interview size is only 30, I'm assuming I'm out for the November dates
  9. if it's not too much to ask - when did you guys receive the email that your application was sent to the review committee?
  10. Anyone know if the November invites have started to go out? I think the invites for October interviews started by the end of August or early September...so I wonder if they have started...
  11. Did those who received interviews hear by mail or email or call? I am getting all of my schools mixed up!
  12. does this mean i'm out? never got an interview or anything... "Your application has been reviewed. Any decisions regarding your application will be sent by the Office of Admissions and Outreach "
  13. Hi guys, I'm from Dallas, TX as well and considering applying to Yale. I think I have the stats to give it a go but I think I'll be cutting it pretty close...do you guys think I should go for it? If I apply today, will it take a long time to hear back that they are reviewing, and is that all supposed to be done before the deadline? Appreciate any advice or help. Thanks in advance!
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