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  1. i think my caspa was verified on 08/30, im pretty sure. i too have not heard anything, but im hoping that no news is good news, i would think people who were not getting interviews would have heard by now. But then again the closing date is 11/01, so people still have time to apply.
  2. hey everybody, anybody hear from touro yet for an interview?
  3. hope all had a great weekend. any updates, any new news?
  4. lol you tell me not be anxious and then follow it up with there are only a few seats left in program....#moreanxious!!! lol just kidding, thanks for the update!
  5. definitely. the waiting period makes you so anxious but yet excited at the same time. i was told that the "official review" status takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to hear anything. im at about a week currently.
  6. hey, guys and girls. hope all is well. i was just wondering if anybody has gotten any interviews from touro yet for the winthrop program starting this jan. My application status is under official review at this point. Good luck to all that apply.
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