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  1. I gave up my seat today! Loved the school but I've decided to go somewhere else. Best of luck everyone!!
  2. I'll be staying till Sunday and plan to check out the city! Do we only have to bring photo identification? Or is there anything else to bring? All the reminder says is photo ID.
  3. Hey guys! I'm flying in Friday for this Saturday's interview. Will be checking out where we have to go, what to do, etc. on Friday afternoon and then headed to the World Trade Center memorial if anyone wants to join! Always good to see semifamiliar faces the day of!
  4. Okay thanks! They haven't sent me anything saying yes or not yet, so I'm guessing it's getting a little late to send me an invite.... Darn
  5. So they send rejections through mail, not email? I haven't heard either way yet.
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