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  1. can anyone tell me what to expect first year in pa program? how long the classes are? etc. what is covered?
  2. interview was short. no real questions such as why you want to be a pa vs md. ethical question was essay. if grades are good, a&p exam good, probable acceptance. there is a website you can google on possible questions for pa interview to review.
  3. do they accept candidates from the first interview before they go on to the next group? or are they competing against each other. makes no sense.
  4. rule of thumb for future. if the wound would need more than 10 stiches you might skip dermabond. also b e clear in discharge instructions what activities are acceptable with the wound, how to keep it clean and above all when to call the doctor if it starts to look infected. this from a critical care nurse. just my take. 22 years of hospital experience.
  5. application submitted in june , interview last week.
  6. the interviews are being done now. i wonder how long after you get a decision.
  7. you should be getting an interview very shortly. what i want to know is how long after the interview should you get an acceptance letter.
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