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  1. For anyone looking to complete a 3-credit Medical Terminology class, I took an online Medical Terminology course at Metropolitan Community College.
  2. I was accepted off the waitlist last week (medium waitlist) but I declined as I am already set to attend another PA program. I was actually surprised by the call. I didn't think they would get down to the medium waitlist. So for those of you still waiting, there is still hope! =)
  3. I will be withdrawing from the June 8th interview. Hope this will help someone else.. good luck!
  4. Something sort of similar happened to me when I was looking for shadowing opportunities. The PA said it was fine for me to come shadow however I had to ask her supervising MD first for permission. When I asked the MD, the MD basically wanted me to work at least 5 hours per day, 4-5 days a week in the office (free labor, without pay) in order to shadow the PA. I thought that was ridiculous as I was already working a full time job and only looking to shadow 4 hours per week. I ended up looking elsewhere to shadow.
  5. Hey! Congratulations!! I am not local to the area. I'm from NorCal and still looking myself! In our facebook group, Marie has listed a few areas to look into: 1. Manhattan Beach 2. Hermosa Beach 3. Redondo Beach 4. Marina Del Rey 5. Playa Del Rey 6. Long Beach 7. Hawthorne 8. Torrance 9. Carson 10. El Segundo 11. Culver City
  6. I was a reapplicant. After all the rejections, I called/emailed to all the schools for feedback on how I could improve. I followed their recommendations. I knew interviews were very important. I went through many, many interview questions. I did mock interviews with friends, family members, and a PA. Online resources that you can try are: PA Coach on YouTube and http://www.thepaplatform.com/
  7. I was a reapplicant. If you haven't already, call the school and ask what areas you can improve on.
  8. ^ agreed but try researching the Stanford University's PA program. I remember, when looking at their stats, the average age of their PA students was older than most of the PA programs I've looked at.
  9. Received an interview invite yesterday. I decided to decline. Hopefully someone else will be able to fill that spot. Good luck!
  10. Accepted!!!!!!! Received an email today accepting me into the program. I'm so happy and excited :)
  11. I received an interview invite earlier this evening for 2/22! =) I submitted the supplemental in December and received the 'Applicant File Complete' email on 12/28.
  12. A first-year student told me 1/16 was most likely the last day of interviews unless admissions feel that they need to interview more. We were also told that we would hear about acceptances no later than February.
  13. I had trouble finding a PA to shadow.. I tried sending emails, calling the medical offices, and even faxing a letter and resume. I had no luck. So I turned to LinkedIn and I ended up paying to be a "premium" member just so I can message MDs (to ask for permission to shadow their PA) and PAs. I had better luck using Linkedin. For me, it was worth paying for. I cancelled the premium membership after I found a PA to shadow. If you feel like you have tried everything, try linkedin. :) good luck!
  14. My best advice to you is apply and submit your CASPA application as early as possible because most programs operate on rolling admissions. I believe the new CASPA application opens some time in April (I don't know the exact date but check with CASPA). In terms of GRE, I did not take the GRE, but again, try to get everything done asap so that when the CASPA app opens, you can just enter and submit. For letter of rec, give the writers of your LORs as much time as possible. I asked the people who wrote my LORs 3 months ahead of time. So if you wanted to submit your CASPA app in May, you may want
  15. I received an interview invite today via email! Interview is on 1/16 7:45am =) My CASPA was verified on 9/13
  16. I received an interview invite today for 1/29 via email!! I submitted my CASPA app to this school mid-November.
  17. I'm interviewing on Jan. 8th! Coming from San Jose, CA :)
  18. Not sure if I'm considered early... My CASPA was verified 9/13 and I submitted the supplemental fee 9/14. I interviewed last cycle and was put on the waitlist for acceptance. Hoping to interview again this cycle. Good luck to everyone else!
  19. I've asked a lot of people about this and received different answers. Some have said to change only 15% of your PS, and some have said to write a completely new one. If you feel that your first PS was strong, maybe you could change 15% of it by stating what you've done differently to improve your app in the past year. Good luck! I'm a reapplicant as well
  20. I'm waitlisted as well. I was told at the interview 35 people are put on the waitlist.
  21. Today's interview was such a great experience especially since it was my very first! Good luck everyone It was good to meet you lk2016 :)
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