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  1. Hello! I am currently a new dermatology PA in a 6 month “training program” before I start seeing my own patients. We have assigned readings in Andrews Dermatology textbook (which being new to dermatology I’ve heard is one of the BIBLES). Unfortunately though I am having an extremely hard time reading it being a beginner. It is extremely wordy for my liking, I’ve read it’s written as a “masters style” text. We do have quizzes based on the Andrews readings, however, I am looking for a text similar that is much easier to follow. Any help would be appreciated here. Thoughts of bol
  2. Hello! I need some help looking for a preceptor in the Long Island, NY area. Any field works! If anyone has any tips on how to find a possible preceptor, that would be great too! Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Katelyn and I received an acceptance ! I will most likely be attending! If anyone who has been accepted and will be attending wants to inbox me that would be awesome, I feel like I'm in high school transitioning to college all over again. Also if anyone wants any interview info, reply !
  4. Hello! I was very nervous for my interview too but once I got there I felt more comfortable. There was about 30 people in the interview. The first thing we did was got a presentation about the program and met the head of the program. The next thing we did was write a short response to a question they asked us (which is a no brainer!) Then they took us to our interviews. You will have two interviews with two different people. My interviews were with an admissions worker and a clinical professor. Both interviews were what I expected. Questions like.... why do you want to be a PA, where
  5. Anyone who has already interviewed have any advice or can talk about the set up of the day? What did you think of the program?!
  6. Were you in the morning session or the afternoon session on 10/11? CONGRATS!!!!!
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