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  1. Hi all - new to the forum and wanting to dip my feet in and get some general advice. I am an RN in my late twenties and have finally (after about 7 years) decided to commit to going back to become a PA. Please trust me when I say I have weighed all of my options between NP/PA/MD, and this path is the right one for me. I am now looking for more general advice on prospective schools. Tuition and cost of living is one of my higher concerns, as I am single and will have to take out financial aid for not only tuition but cost of living as well. I already am going through the ridiculous debt from a BA in psychology and a BSN; it will be paid off before I go to school and I have managed it well, but just like everyone else, I'd ideally like to keep costs as low as possible. I plan on contacting my admissions counselors with my questions, but I'm also curious if there's any specific schools that particularly "like" registered nurses in their programs. Any advice on programs that seem like they may fit my needs is appreciated! I of course plan on doing much more intensive research on these, but I do like to get the direct .02 of other applicants/students/graduates. Thanks so much!
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