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  1. FYI just got a call today for an interview January 17th, I won't be attending but thought I'd let people know they're still offering them, and I was verified way back on May 12th
  2. It's a dramatic story, and I hope your wife was ok, but it didn't really tell my WHY you wanted to become a PA. what made you go from working as an emt to wanting to become a pa, what have you experienced as an emt working with the patients and doctors/pas/nps that got you interested in the PA career instead of the others. Also, I get that the cliff thing is to unify everything but the first paragraph still seemed oddly detached from the rest of the essay. It was nice and very descriptive, but I couldn't quite understand committing so much of the essay to that paragraph. After the paragraph ab
  3. Has anyone that been interviewed actually been rejected yet or do they wait until December to do all of the waitlist/rejected emails?
  4. Technically yes, there's still a chance. However there's certainly a high possibility that they won't even get to reviewing your application before either the interview spots or class is already full. And if they do, your application needs to be pretty awesome to standout, an average applicant doesn't have much chance at getting an interview if they apply at the last possible moment, since by that point there isn't a lot of interview spots left and only the best will get them. I suppose you could always call and ask about how many interview sessions are still left. Good luck!
  5. Hey guys, I was just looking on OKC's website, looking at my application checklist when I saw that the program is now on probation until September 2016. Does anyone know why?
  6. Well, last year I applied to a handful of schools in September and got 0 interviews, all but maybe 1 had rolling admissions. I hadn't known of this website and had NO idea that when they said rolling they meant by the time they looked at my app there'd be maybe 1 interview session left, if at all. Basically yes, it's definitely hurt your chances, however if you're a good applicant (lots of HCE, good grades/good references/etc) then you probably actually still have a good chance, while if you're mediocre/average not so much. Then it becomes a matter of whether you have the money to spend hundre
  7. Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.48 Science GPA: 3.18 Age at application time: 24 GRE: 153 Q (53%) ; 162 V (89%) ; 4.0 writing (54%) Letters of Reference: 2 MD, 1 DO Direct Patient Care (type & hours): EMT-basic training-88 hours Health Care experience: Emergency room scribe-1400 hours Hospital volunteer- 76 hours Shadowing: 40 hours Family practice PA ; 30 hours emergency medicine PA/NP’s Extracurricular/Volunteer: Miscellaneous school organizations/clubs I was involved in Schools Applied: 26 (I applied to 5 schools my first try, so I went all out the second try, although I he
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