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  1. @Timon have you taken any of the courses at the University of Phoenix?
  2. Hello everyone can you tell me a little bit about how these online courses work? I have completed all my prereqs but I am looking into taking biochem or genetics, How is the course load and exams? Also, can one take the exams at their own pace? TIA
  3. Hello everyone has anyone of you taken any of the prerequisites online and had them accepted to this program?
  4. Wow thank you so much for the comments everyone. Doug which online program did you take the class through?
  5. Hello everyone, Has anyone taken the science prerequisites online and applied to PA programs? Has anyone been able to get them accepted? I am planning to take Ochem online. Any comments or suggestions?
  6. Yacosta815 thank you for your response. Honestly, they did not ask me bizarre questions rather simple ones like what I would do if someone was cheating and etc. I did reply to them the best I could. I also picked up the book you mentioned and practiced from that before I went in for the interview. I honestly go no straight reason as to why I was rejected except that I made a mistake somewhere in the interview. I was interviewed by a PA and an MD. They told me to reapply and focus on the interview. What would you recommend or suggest doing? Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to get some suggestions please. I have completed all my prerequisites and would like to apply to the PA program at Touro college. I am only missing organic chemistry. I have tried taking it at my respective college but it did not work for me. I would like to take it online. All thoughts and comments will be helpful.
  8. Hello everyone does anyone know what the take ia on online classes? For example, can an applicant take organic chemistry online?
  9. Hi Yacosta815 may I send you a pm please? I had some questions and would like to hear your comments.
  10. Hello everyone congratulation to all those accepted! And those that did not get in don't give up. I applied this cycle but unfortunately did not make it in. I was told that my interview did not go well but all my academic qualitfications were good. I would really like to reapply for the next cycle. Any suggestions on what I should do to improve my admission application? All comments would be appreciated. TIA
  11. Thank you SoCalPA I will definitely look into those programs
  12. Thank you Rachel_g_LU for the insight. I completely understand your point of view. I am currently going back to take some upper level science classes as a non-degree student. I wish you all the best of luck!
  13. SoCalPa if you don't mind me asking where did you take genetics and nutrition? As in which online program?
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