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  1. It takes a little bit longer but I think it will definitely become standard. The accuracy has got to be worth it.
  2. Do we know how many have been accepted so far?
  3. I submitted my app there also. I was sent an email saying we have a pretty long wait. They don't start reviewing until October.
  4. VERY doable. I took an EMT course at night and found it pretty darn easy especially after taking other PA school prereqs.
  5. I spoke with CASPA today and they said this is a "technical error" and schools are not supposed to see the personal messages. Their IT people are "working on it" but they were unable to give an estimated time when the error will be fixed. She said it could be a week or a month before the problem is solved. If more people call in it might get them to move a little more quickly!
  6. This definitely bit me here. I feel like CASPA was very misleading in requiring us to send a "personal message".
  7. You crack me up @Jshankar913. You are obviously PA material with all those interviews so don't fret! Maybe Mercer will be the right fit. Good luck!
  8. I am also on the wait list. It's absolute torture! I have my fingers crossed for all of us from the 12/12 interview. I'd love to see you all again. It did sound like they were going to do a few more interviews before we hear anything though. Hopefully it's soon!
  9. It was nice to meet everyone at the 12/12 interview! I feel like we all left loving Mercer even more. It was such a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Don't stress future interviewees, relax, and let your true selves shine!
  10. There is still hope @jdizzl11. We phlebotomists/EMTs have to stick together. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  11. Interview invite came today for 12/12! This huge goofy grin won't get off my face. I'm stoked! Would you guys want to meet up Thursday night or something? Might take the edge off the next day if we already know each other.
  12. Mine was complete on 11/03 and I didn't get an invite either. Come over @Jdizzl1, I'll get a few tubs of ice cream and we can have a Greys marathon.
  13. Thanks for the insight Rob and congrats on your accomplishments so far. Hopefully we will get to pick your brain in December!
  14. It would be amazing to interview before Christmas. And good luck starting in January @cg02186!
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