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  1. I just received an invite for an interview Oct 6th! I'm excited and nervous. Good luck to all
  2. @Laurin I applied on the 5th and the admissions dept called on the 7th to let me know my application was in review and to expect a few weeks on interview determination.
  3. I am applying and over looked a large component in the supplemental application of the require courses having to be a "B-" or better. I received a "C" in an Organic Chem class. Is there any way around this? I have not taken biochem to replace it.
  4. I just went on to check the Application Progress and it says that all interview notifications were sent out on October 16th. Guess they changed the date from the 22nd.
  5. Just got an email about a Closer Look Tour this Friday (Oct. 3rd) at 11:30 and I'm going to attend. Anyone else going to this?
  6. Got an email today saying unfortunately I won't be granted an interview. Good luck to everyone else out there!
  7. I haven't heard anything either! Still crossing my fingers though.
  8. I haven't seen anything on this forum about Georgia Regents' PA Program so hopefully this isn't redundant. I applied in mid August and finally got my LOR's submitted. Has anyone heard anything on this cycle yet?
  9. I applied last year, unfortunately did not get in, but I am applying again this year. I took my GRE late last year and was sent out around the same time yours was and they said as long as it was sent in the mail they would accept it. Hope this helps!
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