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  1. I got the phone call earlier from Melinda! I'm going to be a Gator! Congrats to everyone that got in!!
  2. Congratulations ElGaucho12 and meghanjurgaitis! I also received my acceptance email last week and I interviewed October 6th. Good luck to everyone that is still interviewing!
  3. Congratulations to everyone that have been accepted! I submitted my application late August and heard back early October. I'll be attending the November 3-4 interview session and I look forward to meeting everyone! Thanks for all the posts so far, they've been very helpful.
  4. Hey Meghan! It was a pleasure meeting you! Good luck to you as well! And thank you, hopefully we both make it in!
  5. Hey good luck Greenleaf37! I have an interview for that day too! I'll probably see you then!
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