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  1. wow they actually told you what to improve on? They didn't mention anything and I already got a rejection letter. I submitted in December too. Your GPA must've been competitive. Congrats on your interview invite and goodluck!
  2. I haven't gotten a rejection letter either and I didn't get an interview. The last thing I heard back was in Jan 26 that my application is still active. Same for you?
  3. UPDATE, I never got a response back from Mercer regarding why my application was rejected based on low GPA when it met the requirements.
  4. I also received a rejection email this morning. However, it stated that one or more of my GPA's was not meeting their requirements. I looked at my CASPA GPA information in detail and it appears that all my GPAs are within their program's requirements as stated on their website. I feel like I just got a computer generated email response so I emailed them back for some more information. I know my stats aren't competitive but to just simply dismiss it as not meeting their GPA requirements is disappointing. Good luck to everyone else!
  5. Last year, I got my rejection from Western on 01/16/2015. I emailed them about my status and on 01/20/2016, they replied saying my file is still under review and no decision has been made. So perhaps either this year they are a bit behind schedule or my application looks better than my first one. A friend of mine who submitted around the same time as me already got an interview.
  6. I feel that we should not of had been able to apply for the school or at least they shouldn't of had taken our supplemental application fee if they were going to prolong it until May...
  7. ah darn, mine was completed January 6. They're on rolling admissions right? If so, I guess I've lost my chance =1
  8. Hi! If you dont mind me asking, when was your application completed?
  9. Just got a rejection email from Drexel today at 2pm. Goodluck to the rest of you guys still waiting to hear back!
  10. Same! but I knew because of my med term course. good luck to everyone else!
  11. I actually got an email subject line "Mercer PA Program - Application File is Complete" and that the file is under review. It took 7 business days after they informed me that they received my GRE scores until I got the complete email. I would contact them if you've been waiting for more than a week after your supplemental unless you haven't sent in your GRE scores.
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