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  1. Does Emory have any December interview dates? I was offered an interview in January but I was already accepted to a program that starts in January.
  2. Verified 8/22. I actually accepted admission to another program so I will be giving my interview seat up. GL everyone!
  3. Im from NYC, so I will be moving to RI! I definitely want to get in touch with classmates because Im interested in renting a house nearby and having 2-3 roommates! Still waiting on my FB invite though :)
  4. Thanks!!! I am so excited. I absolutely fell in love with the program during my interview so I can't wait to start!
  5. I did. Guess I'll have to keep interviewing
  6. Interviewed last week. They said they only have 4 spots left and we should all know by the end of the week!
  7. Interviewing on the 12th! :) Very excited
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