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  1. FYI -- Accepted students started to received their official acceptance two days ago.
  2. I'll join you guys as soon as I get the official acceptance letter! Happy holidays!
  3. I guess this is the reason I needed to reactivity my Facebook! ????
  4. I interviewed on 10/9 & received an acceptance on 12/11! I am STILL in shock. I don't think it has sunk in yet. I cannot wait to meet everyone! Anyone else coming from the east coast? I'm in NYC.
  5. That's the problem, it's not always about what you "see" Black people come in many shades.
  6. @postiveV8 I don't understand -- I'm black and I was there today.
  7. t_pac


    I am sitting here reading all of this but all my brain processes is " your competition is as fierce as ever." Haha. Good luck y'all!
  8. t_pac


    You're awesome, Kmm14. Thank you!
  9. t_pac


    Oops, I do not have any social media accounts so I was unaware of this. I'll check the status on the link you provided.
  10. Your scores are very similar to mine. I also received a 3.5 analytical -- which is the reason I want to retake it.
  11. t_pac


    I think it opened up mid morning or maybe early afternoon last year. Good luck! :)
  12. No. but I am starting to think that this is a program I wouldn't want to attend. Hopefully, this isn't an indication of how they run their program.
  13. Well, their deadline for CASPA submission was yesterday. I would hope that they haven't filled the class but I read a while ago that the wait list was being finalized. So I don't know..
  14. Has anyone recieved a rejection letter yet?
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