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  1. @kvconnol thank you for responding! I retake the GRE this Saturday. I want to be equally as competitive as other applicants.
  2. For those that were accepted, does anybody mind sharing their GRE scores?
  3. Sorry, I think my question was a little confusing. I meant before you were granted a interview, were you on the hold list? I'm currently on the hold list & I was wondering has anybody heard anything different.
  4. @pahopeful999 Was you placed on the hold list?
  5. Hi! There actually is another forum going on. I submitted mine around the same time you did & my final LOR just came in last week. The only thing I've received from GRU was the evaluation of my transcripts and my overall/science GPA. On the other forum, one girl said she had already interviewed & received admission. Hope this helps.
  6. I sent my supplimental Friday. I'm wondering what's the turn around to find out an interview date?
  7. @pdjags, I know right! I was looking at the requirements for the program online & it only gave examples of driver's licenses from those certain states regarding proving citizenship in US. But in the FAQ's section, it says anybody can apply. A lot of conflicting information "/
  8. So I have a question, does GRU only accept students from GA, SC, AL? Basically certain states, because I'm from NC?
  9. I applied months ago. So far the only emails I've received are invitations to their open house and such. Ready to hear some good news already!
  10. Has anybody that has been placed on the hold list heard back from anybody yet? I'm getting a little anxious as October approaches.
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