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  1. I'll probably be arriving early in the evening on the 15th. It would be great to meet other people who are interviewing on the 16th!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your insight. I have this dilemma with a few other schools. I see that their average class HCE's are well above mine. My GPA falls in their average range, but then I don't have much that will make up for the lack of HCE.
  3. Is it worth applying to a OSHU if I have the minimum (2,000) HCE hours? My average GPA falls within their average, so not spectacular. Thanks.
  4. Hi, In undergrad I did not take the optional corequisite Human Anatomy and Physiology II lab with my course (wanted to pursue something else then and it was optional). I was hoping to enroll in just a separate 1 credit lab course during the summer but most schools near me offer the lab only during the fall or spring. I am hesitant to enroll during the fall or spring because of the prohibitive cost, since it seems like you must take a minimum of 5 credit hours to enroll for many schools. My last option is to just take the course with the lab at my local community college, which is more affordable. However, this means that I would have to take the course over again. Any ideas on what I should do here? If anybody knows about separate HAPII lab courses offered during the summer, please let me know. I live in NC so preferably in state. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am unsure as to which category my volunteer position falls under: I volunteer at a nursing home (specifically, the Alzheimer's/dementia community) and I act as an activities leader. My duties consist of helping develop and lead mentally stimulating activities and discussions, perform hand massages (for the sensory experience program), lead chair exercises and assist residents via hand over hand or hand under hand, help with transporting residents to different areas, and lead our singing group. I am applying next cycle and plan to list this as "Other health related experience" for now. Thanks.
  6. Hi @paadmissions, Thanks for the response; I will keep that in mind. That C does bug me though!
  7. Thank you rev ronin for the suggestion. I will take your advice and go that route. I was really dreading facing Physics again.
  8. Thanks lmchel for replying. You're right about strengthening other parts of the app. That C really bothers me though.
  9. Hello, I made a C in Physics II (4 credit hours) and my science GPA calculation is 3.41, but if I took retook the course and made an A, my GPA would be 3.46. Is it worth retaking this course? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello, I have a C in Physics II (4 credit hour class) and I calculated my science GPA to be a 3.41. If I retook it and made an A, it would be 3.46. Is it worth retaking this course? Thank you in advance.
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