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  1. Has anyone else seen this and have thoughts on how this relates to our own profession and the future of AAPA and NCCPA?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you can transfer your DEA to another state if you will not be using that DEA in the previous state. But if you practice in two states at the same time then you need two DEAs.
  3. Still waiting for the read on that sock from radiology...
  4. You can always make time for something if it's important enough to you. I go 3 times a week for 1.5 hours, 275 > 315lb squat @140lbs in 10 months of didactic.
  5. You achieved all the goals of a PS, it's great as it is. Your opening paragraph caught the reader's attention and was tied to the conclusion paragraph. You answered why PA and not MD, RN. You talked about your work experience, what you have learned and how that has shaped your goals and how PA will allow you to achieve that goal. You tactfully explained any GPA discrepancies and how you have improved upon it. I have an idea of who you are from solely reading the PS. The flow is solid [or fluid].[punz for dayz] No unnecessary or rambling sentences that I noted. I didn't check
  6. For me I started with the question: Why do you want a career in medicine and not something else like being a farmer or trading stocks? Also, what is your motivation to go into medicine, was it someone you cared for? Then I asked: What is my goal in medicine, meaning what patient population do I want to work with, where do I want to work, what specialty am i interested in, etc. Then I asked: How will being a PA help me to achieve that goal better than an MD, better than an NP or any other job while still keeping me sane and happy. Then once you read over your statement, ask yoursel
  7. For those interviewing on the 19th, we will not be having a meeting the day before. On your interview day there should be some upper classmen who can answer all of your questions, but I may be able to answer some of your pressing questions if you PM me.
  8. 'House of God' for the cynical humor and the references people will make to the book.
  9. I noticed this post is a little outdated from 2009 so I'll take it upon myself to update it and will address the points above. Pros: 1. One of two surgical PA programs I believe. 2. Full cadaver dissection in a 5-6 student team per cadaver w/doctors who will give you all the support you'll ever need. Done in 6 weeks. 3. 15 months of rotations with 5 elective rotations. Many programs have 2. 4. Short didactic of 10 months. If it's gonna be painful might as well make it fast and painful. 5. Most professors teach their material well. 6. The affiliations and resources you have here a
  10. I got accepted! (via phone call, not email) They said they're sending out letters which should arrive maybe by next week. Some of the students we talked to were taken from the waitlist so hang in there.
  11. So there will be one interview session on the 12th and two sessions on the 13th. Happy early birthday abjk90! If it's your first time in Boston, I would recommend taking a walk on the Esplanade, which is next to MGH (the hospital, not the institute) or the Boston Common & Gardens or Newbury Street. Cheap eats in Chinatown too if you're up for that.
  12. Some of these sentences run on unnecessarily like the ones below: Ordered chaos: like worker bees buzzing frantically, each individual in the OR functioning independently, but dependent on one another, working as a team to prepare the patient. Reducing my hours in a clinical research lab leaving befriended patients as their cognition declines, heartbreakingly watching Parkinson’s disease run its course; moving on from my clinical experience testing neurodegenerative disease patients as part of the multidisciplinary team at the UCSD Movement Disorder Center, physically holding up individua
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