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  1. "I think the base salary regardless of region for any PA should be minimum $100k" - no you should make what you're actually worth.
  2. In related news, janitors at my institution are petitioning to wear scrubs and white coats
  3. Nope - it's just degree inflation / degree creep. You would get the same education from the very same professors - but the program would be filled with more arbitrary and meaningless busy work to justify its own existence. And as far as academia, those who can't do teach.
  4. Want to be called "doctor"? strap on your nuts and go to med school. Besides, it is not the degree that makes a good doctor - but the residency.
  5. Hi I'm the Doctor PA sounds ******* dumb. - can we please just move on and stop rehashing this
  6. I'm doing a residency. In my opinion a residency is most useful in a specialty that has either a significant barrier to entry where a residency will help you get your foot in the door (like emergency medicine to avoid getting stuck in fast track land), or a specialty that is skill / procedure based such as critical care or surgery. And, the most important things ive learned in residency so far has not been medical based.
  7. I've recently been thinking about a going into the military, but I would like some advice first as I really don't know what I'm getting myself into. - Currently I'm doing a critical care residency (finished Oct 2015), along with getting some other certifications to make myself studly. I see the military as a great opportunity for potential career advancement, personal development, and as a way to serve. - I'm mostly interested in surgery / trauma / critical care. Would I have any pull over what specialty I go into, considering I'm already a practicing PA? - Any thoughts on reserves or national guard? Thanks, Richard
  8. Your thread is bad and you should feel bad.
  9. I remember most of the important muscles, innervations and blood supply. No you don't
  10. It all depends on how bad you want it and how much you're willing to work for it. Residency is one option it is a lot of work, reduced pay, but it will get you to where you want to be in a year, and be an amazing educational experience. Another option is doing urgent care, for a few years and hopefully eventually break into the ER. I have heard of people working in internal medicine, and then getting picked up by cardiothoracic at the same hospital because she was able to approach CT directly and express interest in the position.
  11. She is either socially inept, or just a petty person to say something like that to someone who is following their dreams. Remember, never punch down.
  12. Just be confident but humble and most importantly, be yourself. They are trying to impress you as much as you are trying to impress them.
  13. So oversaturation is an issue and programs are training too many PAs, but you don't count, right? Everyone else is the problem.
  14. I think you did the right thing by talking to your SP. Hope you enjoy the vacation, are you giving any concideration to per diem?