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  1. Hello, new grad here in NYC just got offered a primary care contract with a private practice seeking expert opinions. 1 doc, office manager, 3 nurses, and front desk. Doc is super nice and willing to teach, got really good vibes. A little background about this practice is that it is about 70% Chinese population, which is probably why they want to hire me (bilingual). It is worth noting that I will be the first PA the doc has ever worked with. This is a rough draft that does not cover everything. But I have given them a counter offer and they have agreed to meet up and negotiate. Anyth
  2. By the way, congrats to all those who got accepted. I am currently staying at The Village at Midtown. They usually have really good summer deal for new students moving in. Its close to the medical centers and 15min from the school. Let me know if anyone want to know more about this place! contact : changzou89@gmail.com
  3. Probably not yet. But they will let you know when they do. Its a private group so unless your invited you won't find it!
  4. The program will start a private FB group so you do not need to make one. Congratulations btw!
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