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  1. Thanks for your reply, I will def. check those other threads out!
  2. Hi Everyone! I was accepted into the PA program at Our Lady Of the Lake College a few days ago (yay me!) and I'm curious to know how I should spend my next few months before classes begin in January 2015! Is there anything that you guys wish you knew before beginning? What about any books I should read or tips on preparing for this upcoming journey?
  3. The wait period between interview and possible acceptance is killing me as well. I was told my specific group would be notified around the 15th....time is moving soooooooo slow lol!
  4. And the freak out begins! My last name starts with a Y!! We'll be last to hear.....if they do it that way then they must interview everyone then make decisions. It would suck if they filled the class before they got to me :/
  5. Undergrad Ed School: LSU Geaux Tigers Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.39 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 Post Bacc School: Our Lady of the Lake College ( for prereqs and GPA purposes) Post Bacc GPA: 4.0 Age at application time : 23 1st GRE: 155v 155q 4.5 writing 2nd GRE: (if applicable) Direct Patient Care : ~40 hours shadowing, ~180 hours volunteer in pediatric ICU, 40 hours surgical observation with PAs [ surgical observation was via a class a took at our lady of the lake and included following patient care from presentation of disease to surgical intervention etc and was totally awesome I've seen a live beating heart, the brain, and other aspects of gross anatomy that I've never seen. I loved it. And the docs let us get as close as we'd like w/o touching of course :)] Extracurricular/Research Activities: Pediatric ICU volunteer, Our Lady of the Lake Ambassador Letters of Recommendation: 1 from science professor at LSU, 1 from Science instructor at OLOl - he's also one of the instructors for their PA school and a practicing physician and yes I totally planned this one lol, 1 letter from a current employer, and 1 from a practicing PA and graduate of OLOL PA program. Schools Applied: Our Lady of the Lake Medical College (obviously this is my first choice, I carefully planned everything to make myself a shoe-in for this school! ), LSU Shreveport Health Sciences Center, Texas Tech Application Submitted Date: Aug 15 Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) Aug 15- OLOL ( I hand delivered this one, they aren't on CASPA plus I live in the city) others 9/1 Interview Invites: Our Lady of the Lake next Thursday! Denied: 0 Withdrew Application: 0 Waitlisted: 0 Accepted: Our Lady of the Lake College
  6. Your not! I'm sure I was feeling the same, but I believe they are doing the interview/acceptances in groups. But I'm not sure how the groups are determined. My interview is next week so the next group of invites may be going out after that. Helpfully you get your invite then or sooner!
  7. I got my interview invite email today! I guess they interview a group then choose from then that group. Congrats to you notapagirl, any tips on how to prepare for the interview and what to expect come interview day?
  8. Good luck on your interview, let us know how it goes. I have my fingers crossed waiting to hear something.
  9. Well from looking at last years thread, it was around this time that people began getting interview invites....has anyone heard anything?
  10. I am applying to this school as well, I plan on sending in my supplemental tomorrow. Im off to a late start, hopefully it doesnt affect my chances too much. Good Luck Everybody!
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