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  1. So glad it went well and didn't sound too stressful! Can you all tell us a little more? Were the PA students first year or second? Was the essay part on something general or more in depth? How many candidates were there today and did they say if they are having any more interviews in November? :) Sorry about all the questions, just so excited and a little bit anxious. :)
  2. Good luck to all of you and we can't wait to hear all about it! :)
  3. Hmmm, so strange. I think I 'll email them tomorrow and see what's up. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone, for the ones that got interviews, I noticed on my WSU supplemental application under the tab that says "decision" mine says withdrew/denied even though I have an interview on the 30th. Does anyone else have this on their application?
  5. Hello everyone, I received an invite to interview also! I am so happy and excited! I received mine early in the morning around 8:30 am Osent1jl. :)
  6. I received the same email... My heart skipped a beat when I saw an email from WSU :)
  7. Hi everyone, I am sure we are all very anxious and hopefully we all get an interview. Please post here if anyone gets an email or call :) Good luck to all of us!
  8. Hi, I don't know if they were getting interviews at this time last year. I actually think they were done in October. I am anxious too. I check my inbox so many times a day, I check my spam/junk folder just to be sure I wouldn't miss it :)
  9. Hello everyone and welcome. It's that time of year again to submit our applications. Good luck to all of us!
  10. Hi everyone, I finally submitted my application today (I have been waiting 2 weeks for one last evaluation to be submitted and wanted it done before I submit) but my question is where are you all finding the "awaiting materials or complete or materials received?" The new CASPA is not like the older version where it tells you complete or verified and not sure where to look for that or if it is just on each of the 4 sections being "green" meaning complete??? h.e.l.p. :)
  11. Hi Everyone, it's that time of the year... Has anyone submitted their CASPA applications & WSU applications yet? Good luck to all of us. :)
  12. I have also stated my concerns with CASPA and how unfairly they calculate GPA. There are people now that have 2 bachelor's degrees and they are not even submitting their transcripts from the first university they attended for their first Bachelor's degree. CASPA does not calculate the grades fairly. If my transcript from a university says I have one GPA, then who is CASPA to argue that by giving me a much lower GPA because of classes taken 10 years ago? I wish someone would come up with another system, other than CASPA and have a new system be used nationally.
  13. Hi everyone, I just called and spoke with Kristi Hayes and she assured me that they are still working on them. She said the committee is reviewing applications now and nothing has been sent out. So let's keep praying and hoping for the best.
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