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  1. No, i did not get anything from my program's coordinator. I emailed MSKCC educational department directly by browsing their website and received 2 emails to contact: For surgical rotations: surgerypas@mskcc.org; for medical rotations: medpas@mskcc.org . Try those emails and you can probably get a copy of the 2020 applications. When I applied they were due by late April.
  2. Hi! Honestly I didn’t think it was hard to get a rotation at MSK, my essay was very brief- I feel like they take everyone. I didn’t get my first choice of ICU but did get my second choice in thoracic surgery. If u end up doing that rotation, lmk and I’d be happy to share my experience:)
  3. Thank you jtpas and brooks23 for the suggestions. I am broadening my job search and will consider residency (I have to rethink the significantly lower pay in exchange for more training). PC2ED, I really appreciate your tactful and constructive post- I will definitely take your advice. I feel much more encouraged to move forward after the freakout I had of 'Great, I am behind and now I am screwed'.
  4. Thanks for your input MT2PA. Yes, program did go over this generally but not specific to Emergency Medicine. I have tried all of the above but most Emed postings are not open to new grads to even apply. You are right, retrospectively I should have started earlier.
  5. yes, I graduated a few months ago. I am certified and recently got my state licenses
  6. Hi, I am a new grad PA-C looking to work in Emergency Medicine somewhere in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. I know this will be like a needle in haystack search, but I am willing to at least try. Does anyone have any advice on where I should look? What are some good Emed staffing agencies in the Southern California area? (I went to school in the bay area and Vituity/VEP seems to be popular there, but what about Socal?) Anyone have any experience working in Emergency Medicine fresh out of PA school in LA/OC area?
  7. Thanks for everyones' input! I called the DEA office and they agreed to leave my application pending until I get a job instead of completely withdrawing my app. A huge relief that I won't have to apply again and repay that nonrefundable $731 fee upon employment. That's a huge chunk of change for a broke, unemployed new grad! To those in the same situation, give the DEA a call. New grads, don't make the same mistake as I did! Wait to get a job before applying for that DEA-your employer might even cover the fee.
  8. New graduate mistake-I submitted a California DEA application using my home address as the business address like I did for the NPI number thinking it wouldn't be a problem. Except I haven't gotten a job yet and now I get an email saying that a business address is required in the next 10days or application will be withdrawn. Is there any way I can salvage the non-refundable $731 fee I paid?? Can I put any old business address and change it later?
  9. Starting a rotation at MSKCC in Thoracic Surgery soon and wondering if anyone has done that rotation?
  10. I am a student at Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA and approaching my clinical year. I'd really love to do a rotation (or a few) in Manhattan and am looking for a preceptor willing to take on a PA student. Anyone have any advice or contacts in NYC they'd like to suggest?
  11. For those who have been accepted, I heard that there's a medical terminology exam before the program start date? Anyone know anything about it (i.e. when it will be and is it something we need to study for in advance ?) Also, current students....are loan refunds typically disbursed before the start of the semester? I'm trying to figure out how early I can move to Oakland and how much money I will need to save to cover living expenses until I have access to loan funds. Thanks!
  12. I have a question regarding the curriculum. I am currently retaking ochem and molec bio to improve my gpa for the upcoming application cycle in case I wasn't accepted into PA school this year. However, I just found out about my acceptance to SMU and am debating whether I should drop these courses. Any current students out there like to provide some advice on the didactic year curriculum? Will it be beneficial to finish these courses (i.e. will any ochem and molec bio knowledge be of any direct use in the didactic yr or will i just be wasting my time?)
  13. For those who have already interviewed, what is the interview format like? group interview? one on one with faculty?
  14. Finally received a letter in the mail (11/30) after interviewing in early Sept. Rejected :( Denied admission after interviewing two years in a row! Anyone who has been accepted willing to private msg me or share their stats? Trying to figure out where I fell short and if it can be improved by next cycle. ps. does anyone know how many people they place on the waitlist per year?
  15. Interviewed in Sept and still no rejection letter or phone call. Anyone who interviewed still waiting on a response? Gaging on whether my rejection possibly got lost in the mail. Also, those who were accepted, did you receive a phone call from an "unknown" number or was it a 212 area code?
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