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  1. I'm in Tacoma class 4. All 4 campuses have the same curriculum and objectives. The 4 campuses also have some of the same lecturers that make their way to each campus giving the same lecture. Seattle and Tacoma Have the most overlap with lecturers. This really means that the materials are the same and the tests are the same. The campuses are in sync. The only difference in the campuses are the actual students themselves. Tacoma tends to have more clinical experience and less academic experience. (Most of us don't have bachelors degrees). It's not like if you go to Seattle you're gonna have a better education or guaranteed to pass pance the first time. I study with a Seattle student almost every weekend and we are at the same level. If you have a bachelors go to Seattle. If you want to be around more veterans come to Tacoma. Almost half the class is vetrens.
  2. Go to school if that's been the goal all along. That's also very affordable for pa school. Most are not that cheap. You might get into another program that is much more next time. Pa programs cost around ($60k-$100k).
  3. I thought this was an interesting read. The article is about Np's increasing their independent practice because of "physician shortages." the not so amusing thing is that PAs weren't even mentioned in the article. Im curious if the laws that the nursing lobby proposed included language to include PAs. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/03/18/in-a-fight-between-nurses-and-doctors-the-nurses-are-slowly-winning/
  4. I would be interested in the diagnostic equipment depending on what it is. Pm me.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm a student, but its disheartening and makes my blood boil reading this post along with others like how nps make more than PAs at the same hospital doing the same job. Another post talked about the va only looking for MDs and NPs and how there are now more NPs then PAs in the VA. I feel like I have no one to blame but the AAPA. They seem to have been too complacent for the past 50 years. The ANA seems to constantly fight for their NPs while the AAPA seems to be constantly fighting against their PAs. They seem scared of rocking the boat. At this point from the information I've gained off this site, it seems to me like the AAPA is just like the U.S congress. Everyone wants to believe that they're doing something useful, but they don't accomplish much at all. This may be unfounded criticism to the AAPA, especially from a student, and for that I apologize in advance and please correct me if I'm wrong. The only upside I have is thank God for the PAFT, they give me hope for the profession. Hope to be a pa soon, I have an interview in December. End of rant.
  6. I agree, It was fun meeting everyone and had a blast. Everyone I interviewed with sounded great and qualified. I think the adcom have a hard job. Lamont, April & Marianne it was fun interviewing with you guys. Good luck to everyone. Matt, Lee, Sierra you all have impressive backgrounds and hope you make it. It was nice meeting everyone. Steven
  7. That works for me also. I'm just not sure where Joey is. Can an address be posted.
  8. I live on the eastside of Seattle. Sounds like there's only 5 of us. Any suggestions of where to go? Btw Marianne I think you work with my wife.
  9. I was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up. I don't Know how many are getting interviewed in Seattle on Jan 22nd but I'd like to meet some of you guys/gals before the interview.
  10. I just got an invite for January 22nd. I'm so excited. Hope others got emails too.
  11. I was curious how many people were at the interview.
  12. I was considering taking "laboratory methods in Genomics" at my community college. Do you guys think that this qualifies for The recomended genetics course. It's the only genetics class that my community college offers.
  13. man that news is somewhat disappointing. I wonder if anymore invites went out last week like Stephanie said. Well I hope there will be more than a couple invites that go out in december.
  14. hello, my name is Steven. First time posting under the medex section. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. anxiously waiting for my email (not feeling to good since quite a few got invites already). I hope to get an interview and meet some of you guys/gals in the future. Good luck to everyone that have already received the invite.
  15. Overall good personal statement and it put your character into perspective with the stories. Try to organize the PS Better. For example try to break up the story how you stepped into medicine/your grandmother passing into one paragraph and your experiences as a CNA into another paragraph. the conclusion starts with "I hope to be able my spanish in my career" maybe state this elsewhere like in you work experience. something among these lines " As a CNA I learned a lot of skills that will make me a stronger PA. Another attribute that would make me a Strong PA is my multicultural and spanish speaking background. I understand what patients feel like struggling with language barriers and have an additional skill to address this. Consider cutting back on "helping people" You can help people by being a lawyer or a bus driver ect. maybe say something like i enjoy caring for people. you can finish the PS with something like " I want to be in the field as a PA giving them Compassionate medical care". I want to give back to my patients because I understand what it means to have healthcare workers put their heart into my grandmothers medical needs". this is not a good sentence "while using my gift of loving learning" try to restructure it somehow. "That is part of why I have chosen PA over nurse practitioner (NP). I have worked with nurses for over a year now, and some of them are going back for their practitionership" ​I would leave out the Np and working with nurses thing. Just state "this is why I decided to pursue a career as a PA". your point about why not NP was not strong since Np are also mid level providers that can work for an MD to have the support for complex cases, and you shouldn't waste time explaining why not other fields.
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