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    Per Procedure Compensation?

    So take into consideration that I have only worked with one group in IR and I have no idea how things work elsewhere but... If you were to ask my group for a percentage of procedure collections they would probably laugh you out of the room. We do the procedures so that it frees the radiologists up to read films which is typically where the money is made. From my small amount of billing knowledge, most of our procedures are not money makers when you consider the time involved. it also takes a year or longer to train someone that doesn’t have previous IR experience so you will be a money loss initially.
  2. I’ve been working for a fairly large orthopedic group for one year and am about to accept a new job offer in another area. There are 5 physician partners (including many employed physicians) as well as a non-physician president of the group. The partners essentially run everything and make all the decisions while the group president does mostly HR related stuff. One of the partners is my supervising physician for licensing purposes but I work with them all fairly equally. I’m not really sure of the best way to go about resigning under these circumstances. The physician partners are never in the same facility together so I’m not sure who to give oral and written notice to. Any advice from the seasoned PAs?
  3. Johnson2018pac

    Statistics on PA residency advantages??

    These were my sentiments as well. There is also no real consistency on accreditation of these residencies. I interviewed at a brand new one this year that told me the arc-PA wasn’t accrediting anymore residencies because they were too tied up with accreditation of new PA programs. I have no idea if this is true or just an excuse, but what stops a hospital from just calling something a residency to get cheap labor out of a few PAs if there’s no standardized process? I think there’s a long way to go before it’s considered a “must-do” thing for the profession.
  4. Johnson2018pac

    Statistics on PA residency advantages??

    Do you mean like a long-term plan as in over the next 10-20 years or so? There are only 20 ish ER residencies currently taking 2-3 students each, seems like it would be difficult for an ER to get one residency trained PA, much less have all of them residency trained.
  5. Johnson2018pac

    Failing Didactic Year Advice Needed!

    Agree with some of the others on the fact that you need to figure out your own learning style, the sooner the better. There were definitely those people in my program that made thousands and thousands of notecards. For tactile learners that helps a lot. Wasted a lot of time initially for me. Many people would listen to PANCE review podcasts on the way to and fro clinicals everyday. I couldn't remember anything I had just listened to by the time I got to my clinical site so I didn't waste any time with that and just listened to music. I'm very much visual so I spent the vast majority of my study time watching videos, making diagrams and charts, study guides, etc.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Johnson2018pac

    quoting "rules" in your note

    Just out of curiosity how much weight do these actually carry in the event of a misdiagnosis and some bad outcome assuming you calculated it correctly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have found a job I really want to take but the requirement is a 3 year contract. I don't prefer this but that is what they insist on. I am willing to consider the longer than normal term, but the contract doesn't specify any way in which salary will be adjusted over time. Basically, as it is written, I could be paid the starting wage the entire 3 year term of the contract. I spoke to them about my concerns and they stated there would be evaluations every 12-14 months to assess productivity and salary. However, I am reluctant to take their word for it. In this situation, what should I do regarding the salary? Obviously I want them to commit to the evaluations in the contract, but what if they just say my evaluation doesn't warrant a raise?? Any guidance from some of the more experienced PAs would be greatly appreciated!
  8. It says either party may break the contract with 90 days written notice....nothing happens though.
  9. Newly minted PA-C here trying to find my first job and have not had any luck within an hour or so radius of where I live, the area is pretty well saturated. I'm going to start broadening my search out even further but wanted to hear how far some of the other PA's here to get to their job and how far was realistically possible?
  10. I'm taking my exam next week and have a few books from my clinical year that I'd like to sell for a marginal price to someone who could benefit from them. These are what I have: A Comprehensive Review For the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants Fifth Edition https://www.amazon.com/Comprehensive-Certification-Recertification-Examinations-Assistants/dp/145119109X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498933789&sr=8-1&keywords=a+comprehensive+review+for+the+certification+and+recertification Lange Q&A Physician Assistant Examination, Sixth Edition (No CD rom) https://www.amazon.com/Lange-Physician-Assistant-Examination-Sixth/dp/0071628282/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1498933820&sr=8-2&keywords=lange+q%26a+physician+assistant+examination Step-up to medicine, Third Edition https://www.amazon.com/Step-Up-Medicine-Steven-S-Agabegi/dp/1496306147/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498933024&sr=8-1&keywords=step+up+to+medicine Surgical Recall, Seventh Edition https://www.amazon.com/Surgical-Recall-Lorne-Blackbourne-FACS/dp/1451192916/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498933094&sr=8-1&keywords=surgical+recall Ideally if someone wanted all of them and I only had to make one trip to the post office, I could sell them all for $95 and I'll even pay the shipping. If I part them out, I'd like to get about half of whatever the going rate is on amazon and I'll negotiate the shipping costs with you. Feel free to PM me or reply here.
  11. Johnson2018pac

    Worried that GRE will keep me out of PA programs

    Fellow X-ray/CT tech here...I did not waste time preparing for the GRE at all, got a 300 cumulative and I graduate from PA school this week. It's really just a check the box thing showing you took it. Unless you do horrifically bad on it, nobody probably will notice or care what you got, only that you did it.
  12. Remainder of my Rosh Review subscription for $50 which expires on 9/26/17...msg me if interested
  13. I'm a new graduate and am evaluating my first offer and needing a little help understanding some of the details of an offer I'm evaluating. This is for a large surgery group that is growing and it's in the southeast but these details aren't super important to the questions I have. 1) The base salary is right at the average salary for the region for a new grad. However, the hours are 50 per week rather than 40. Am I correct in that I should probably break this down to what it comes in at hourly to see how I'm actually being compensated? I feel like this is considerably under the average pay for that many hours. 2.) There is profit sharing within the group. Does anyone have any experience with that? If so is it a considerable benefit or not? There's not many details about actual numbers. 3.) There is quite a lot of driving involved going to the different hospitals and surgery centers this group operates at. They do reimburse for mileage, pay the credentialing fees and all the other fees associated with that. However, there is no mention in the contract about where you might have to go because they said if they expand to other facilities then it could change. Currently everywhere is within an hour drive but hypothetically it seems there isn't any protection for me if they add somewhere 2 hours away and tell me I have to drive there 5 days a week. Any thoughts on this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for sharing that Abe. There is no bonus structure within this job. There is also mandatory rotating weekend coverage which pays at a higher rate. However, since this has no effect on your 50 hour workweek (it's in addition to it) it's totally separate. By doing the math, at 25% more would put me around $110k just to be average pay for a new grad. I think they would totally scoff at this figure unfortunately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Words of wisdom from a 2nd year student with 10 years of healthcare experience before PA school: If you care about any of those superficial things even close to as much as you care about #5, don't go into healthcare...there are enough greedy self-serving people in the field as it is...
  16. Johnson2018pac

    Contemplating leaving school

    I'm in school about where you are, 3rd semester. Is it possible that you just feel out of place with your classmates loving it and you not really being quite as enthusiastic about it? My class is not like that at all actually...my program has placed so many extracurricular responsibilities on us outside of classes and exams that we are all just physically there. No one is really excited about the material...we are all just exhausted and going through the motions... I think if I was the only one that felt this way and the rest of my class was on cloud 9...I might would feel similar to you. I view the program as my job...getting up, going to class, exams, homework, all the other random stuff...clock out and then go home...
  17. Johnson2018pac


    Well I'm a third semester student and I know we have a similar policy about staying at least 3.0 but that doesn't begin until you have had either 2 or 3 semesters...that way you have a little more cushion if you happen to get a C or 2 along the way. If we had the same policy that started day one, I'm sure we would have lost a ton of student due to the gross anatomy and physiology. Check to make sure this policy doesn't go into effect after the 2nd or 3rd semester... Also, don't ever let it go through your head as to what you will do if all that happens...you made the cut and got in, now buckle down and do the work. You would not have gotten in if you weren't capable of it. If you leave or get removed from your program I highly doubt you will get into another one...even if you have to study 12 hours a day 7 days a week, do it...
  18. Johnson2018pac

    failing at being a PA

    You sound very type B personality which is opposite of most healthcare professionals. I think the overwhelming majority of us are type A...if you buy into the whole A/B personality thing... Maybe see if there are any resources online for how type Bs can cope in an environment that's not really conducive to their personality type.. Just a thought
  19. Johnson2018pac

    One transcript not arriving at CASPA!

    Just as an aside...I had the trouble last year of one of my transcripts not getting sent to caspa. Come to find out the school was not sending it due to an unpaid parking ticket so keep that in mind.
  20. Johnson2018pac

    Health Insurance for students

    I used my university insurance for the spring semester and it was terrible...$30 per prescription refill, $100 per office visit...won't even get into what any tests or er visit would be...also it was about 1600 for 5 months... Since my significant other and I have lived together for over a year I was able to get on her plan which is equally as expensive (260/month) but has way better coverage.....moral of the story: getting insurance through anywhere other than your employer is really expensive and sucks
  21. Johnson2018pac

    FM New Grad offer

    As others have told you, don't even bother negotiating...Sounds like a toxic environment. I had way better benefits and almost the same pay when I worked in radiology with an associates degree.... and I don't even live in a high cost of living area!
  22. Johnson2018pac

    Re-Applicant ; RT to PA

    Why not both? You are reapplying after making significant improvements to your resume so how about tell what you've done since the last time you applied and what you're currently doing...
  23. Johnson2018pac

    Job in school???

    . My opinion is that if you were working for minimum wage in a non-medical job then your time would be better spent focusing on school. I'm not a nurse, I work in radiology making about 25 dollars an hour and what I make offsets most of my rent and gas costs. I am also learning about diseases/treatments daily so it is definitely worth it to me and it hasn't adversely affected my grades.

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