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  1. Hey girly! How is the prep coming along? I had messaged you, but never heard back on here..haha no buggy! I am feeling pretty good about the interview next wk/deff. nervous though! & am about to begin prepping for the medical term assessment we will be having. Let me know how it's all going? & also if you still want to grab lunch during the hour break we will be having that day! :)
  2. Awesome! thanks so much wcoast25 !! I read that is it a panel of I am guessing PA faculty, dean, etc whom interviews each of us? Also..seems that we will be waiting as each applicant is interviewed one by one per the schedule on that day! Any other advise you can give :) very excited!! & I will make sure to study up on the specifics of LLU & be confident as to why I chose that program, etc! I will see everyone on 2/9 whomever is interviewing on that day!! Also, whomever wants to get lunch during that hour break we get..let me know or just message me on here!!
  3. Hey julieb1..I actually received an interview in january but due to planning for a flight, I changed my date to 2/9 as well!! so looks like we will be interviewing on the same day :)! Also, any recommendations for LLU's interview?! I have been prepping & have interviewed prior to this..let me know if can give any advise! Very excited!! see you all then!
  4. Hey all, I have received an interview in Feb..who else has received an interview?!
  5. Hey Guys! So I am applying to PA school this upcoming summer & am definitely worried about cost, where I am solely applying only out of state..being that I have several programs I would like to apply for! With that being said, I know there is no deadline in filling out the FASFA application for graduate students, like there was for undergrad & I've heard I can submit that application, then add more schools later. Being that I am still finalizing my list of schools I want to apply for. But does filling out the FASFA cover all of expenses would you say? Or would any of you recommend other sources to apply for to get aid to help out with costs? Thanks! Cristin
  6. So verification for the app, is really just 4 days?? I am finishing up my application & am getting closer to submission..Just nervous with some Oct 1 deadlines!!
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