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  1. Hello, I'm finishing my undergrad this fall, I need 60 hours completed by the end of November. I'm interested in shadowing a pediatric PA however will take any available chances in Nassau County. Please message me Thank You
  2. Thank you...oh i hope you do..do you mind telling me how the interview was, what to expect.
  3. Hey, i only applied through CASPA and was verified in june, still haven't heard anything yet.
  4. Hey, still haven't heard anything from the school, still hopeful though. good luck everyone
  5. Hey, i still haven't heard anything...good to know they do things later
  6. Oh, okay yes i hope invites are still happening...just so nerve racking checking my emails everyday. Hope you hear something soon. have you been on an interview before?
  7. Hey, i submitted my supplemental application on July 24th and still haven't heard anything....anyone else still waiting
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