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  1. Spoke to Sheree this morning. She said that candidates on the alternate list are not ranked. Rather they review the applicants and observe what candidates can offer to the diversity of the incoming class. She said that she will try to contact us within a couple weeks to give us an update.
  2. Interviewed yesterday and just received my acceptance e-mail!! So excited!!
  3. I received the e-mail placing me on the alternate list this morning as well. Staying positive and hoping for the best - good luck everyone.
  4. I think they meant that the letters will be mailed out by today. So we may receive them next week (I believe). Good luck!
  5. Sent the confirmation to Ms. Frank and didn't get a confirmation e-mail back, however, I received an interview confirmation letter in the postal mail yesterday with area hotels, etc.
  6. Just received an e-mail with a request for an interview. They are sending them out now. Best of luck to everyone!
  7. Yes, my apologies - it was for another program. I had bookmarked this page on my phone, and it is acting up and went to the wrong page. My apologies, everyone.
  8. Just received an e-mail with a request for an interview. They are sending them out now. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. The interview was a great experience - great students, faculty, and program. I'll pass along the same advice that I was given - be yourself. Good luck!
  10. Did all of you receive an e-mail at the same time? 12:30 AM?
  11. Congratulations you guys! Still haven't heard anything here...staying hopeful.
  12. Hey everyone, I haven't heard anything back yet either. Congratulations to everyone that interviewed on the 27th - hope you enjoyed the interview process. I'm really hoping we hear something soon - this wait is killing me, but I'm optimistic that we may hear something soon (post-second round of interviews). Best of luck everyone!
  13. The interview ended around 1 PM. I did not stay for the tour (as I went to the Meet and Greet the night before where we had a tour), but it was only supposed to last 45 minutes to an hour. I highly recommend going to the Meet and Greet, however, if you are not able to make it, I recommend the tour. QU has some really amazing resources! Best of luck!
  14. Nothing yet for me. I hope we hear something soon!
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