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  1. Pick "Tutor mode" under test style when you create a test. (Timed mode and waiting until completing the test is better for exam practice though :) )
  2. I am a soon-to-be new grad who has an interview coming up for a position I really want. I had one interview prior to this one where the physician asked how much I want to get paid. I simply answered that PAs in this region make an average of ~"93k" dollars yearly. He thought it was an appropriate answer, etc. but I'm not really interested in that specialty anymore due to other reasons. Now i was not expecting him to ask me that question ten minutes into the first interview. I did not bring up compensation on my own. However, I am wondering what an appropriate answer would be if this questio
  3. Not a problem, cytokine. That's kind of strange. I think she replied a day or two after I confirmed. I bet she is pretty busy. From what I remember, she's responsible for organizing these interviews, getting back to people with decisions, answering emails from people, etc. It'd be hard to manage all that. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a response plenty of time before you interview.
  4. Looking at previous years', they seem to be taking much longer this year to get back to interviewees from November. The wait last year was around 5 weeks and we're nearing 8 weeks. Or maybe they didn't like any of the 60 or so people that interviewed lol. Cytokine43, as the interview invitation e-mail from Ms. Foster says, there is an essay before the group interview. For obvious reasons, I can't say what the essay is about. All I can tell you is it's not something you need to prepare for. Good luck! Let us know if they say when they're planning to let the November folks know about their
  5. I haven't heard either and it's been 4 weeks now..
  6. kprobasco, did you receive an e-mail or a letter in the mail? That's a quick turn-around! And, yes, stay positive :) I hope things work out for you!
  7. Question for mbh2 and shaf3516: when did you guys turn in your supplemental? Congratulations on receiving interviews!!
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