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  1. Congrats to anyone recently accepted - feel free to join our FB group Towson/CCBC Physician Assistant Program Class of 2017 :)
  2. Hi baco1 - The program director Jack Goble goes over the exact details during your interview. Most are related to record keeping. A few are related to specific rotations. He also tells you what changes they are making to fix these problems. Personally, I feel confident they have done everything necessary to pass the visit and maintain accrediation and I will be going there. Obviously there is a small risk, but you will hear all the details at your interview. As for the interview - you go on a small tour, have a writing sample and interview with 2-3 staff members. It is very basic and no trick questions. As long as your comfortable with why you wanna go in the profession, ect, basic interview questions its very simple and only lasts about 15 minutes.
  3. Such a hard decision!!! I'm fairly certain I'm sticking with Towson
  4. From what I understood when jack Goble was talking was that as long as you are in a class that starts before they lose accreditation you're able to sit for the boards?
  5. Hi aesposito925 - Are you still going to Towson? I am in the same predicament with other schools but Towson is so much more affordable for me.
  6. Has someone made a group? Just let me know the group name so we all can join!
  7. Absolutely!!! Someone make it and tell me the group bame
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